Thursday, 22 June 2017

Pen writing or type writing?

A few days back, i was thumbing through the news paper, reading various articles. One of them was about a pen pal. The writer has reminisced the journey of her pen friend - Richardis - from Germany. The writing style was crisp and devoid of usual mundane explanations which was refreshing and welcoming. i learned a bit too! Anyway, the writer - Meher Pastonji - reminded me of the times when pens were in fashion, the era where hand written letters used to be a particular craze and of course, when making pen pals across the country or the globe used to be a big deal. Ink doesn't really know its boundaries, does it?

In my childhood, i too had written several letters to my favorite cousins and relatives. Whenever i was at my naani's house, i would pick a pen and paper and write letters to my parents. Pen writing is actually a very fascinating experience despite of being a lengthy and now-a-days, a fussy process. That time, it used to be beautiful, without fuss and yes, infused with the amount of love and affection that's now impossible to find in type writing. So, as i went through the article reading on the journey of the writer and her German friend and how they managed to talk on phone after 40 years of pen friendship, i too traveled back in time. The moment when those two friends finally listened to each other's voices, i too reveled in that. 40 years!! Big time until you get to talk to a friend. In today's date, telephonic conversations happen without even thinking. Time has become so easy, so convenient. 

But can mails, texts and other forms of e-media really take away the charm of writing a letter? Can the effervescence of text books handwriting match the annoying monotonous clicks of typing? The latter sure makes the job a lot easier and feels more eco-friendly but still, the fascination of writing your feelings and experiences and getting it to share with someone is unparalleled. And oh, how can you forget the wicked role of Waiting for a letter? A letter usually took 4-5 days to arrive at its destination and then you'd sit and wait for the response which would take at least a week or two, depending upon the availability of the person at destination. It may take months and even years to get a response but the allure of waiting was matchless. You feel as if the world can not end. Yet. Because the response letter has not arrived! The anticipation, the excitement, fights with the younger brother to post it asap, jogs to the shop for the answer mail has arrived, the ability to get to caress each word on the response letter, feeling the happiness and the agony hidden in it, trying to guess whether the content was written in a hurry or with patience, the envy of a beautiful handwriting, little drawings here and there but above all, the smile which'd still continue to glow on your face even after finishing the last word at the end...the originality of these are somehow lost in the time of technology and impatience.

i am not blaming anyone here. Time changes. We too have to change. It's a fight and only the fittest can survive. Type writing has sure outdone the pen writing but the old will always remain gold. Timeless memories will always remain etched. No matter how much we take into progression, the human will always go back to its roots. It will always find new ways and technologies to keep the love of heart alive. And pen writing has sure won that area.

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