Monday, 19 June 2017

Little discoveries and experiences

Experiences, sometimes, can surprise us. You think you know yourself better than time but no. Again and again, the latter will prove you wrong. No matter how many years you have spent with yourself, there will always be a room in the dark hidden somewhere within you. It does not get enlightened with self-awareness and knowledge until time allows it to. And when it happens, when the dark room comes into a limelight, you realize there is still an aspect of yourself you did not know. How convenient! It can be amusing as well as surprising. Good or bad, depends really upon how do you take the latest discovery.

But i think, these experiences are good in a way. Because it lets you have a closer look at what you want to be or how you want to be. In the series of fleeting moments, you emerge as the purest form. You be what and how you are but when those moments finally end, you get to evaluate the recent experience. And then you may stumble upon a discovery about yourself. Even if you feel bad or not-so-impressed with yourself, it's still a learning! You get the glimpse of the construction in process (not progress, mind you!). Am i talkin' in codes or you understand what i am saying? No. i am not talkin in codes neither i am overwhelmed by any experience. You can understand my POV here only if you have gone through such discoveries about yourself. If you get the chance to sit and sip the latest breaking news about yourself, you find you can sit for longer and think even deeper. Every pros and cons get noticed. The experience might be over but you can avail the benefit by reliving it over and over and picturing scenarios of  several what ifs. It can be helpful or meaningless, again depends totally upon how do you take it. 

But truth to be told, discoveries about yourself, no matter how sweet or how harsh they can be, are good. In fact, anything that can bring you closer to your soul, that can make you a thinker, that can free you to sit and stare at the beautiful naught, that allows to be you despite the rest of world masquerading in different forms, that connects the dots and completes the picture, is good, and healthy. Whether you take it in with positivism or not, trust me it is good have little precious discoveries about the personal universe you are living in.

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