Sunday, 4 June 2017

Just one minute

One minute. Sounds too short, too less of a time span to ask for, right? The last minute of your favorite tele-show and you are maniacally stuck to it. You are so desperate for it to go on just to see what mysteries will unfold afterwards but that last minute passes more quickly than it is supposed to. You are on the treadmill or jogging on the road and loving it so much that you never want to stop. The last minute somehow appeals to you very much but this minute too betrays you and makes a fun of you by ending with the unexpected speed. You can't jog anymore 'cause there are other form of exercises in line, waiting to get done. 

All i am saying is, that one minute is not too much to ask for. Because there is a concept called eternity living with us. One drop scooped out of an ocean and the ocean wouldn't feel its absence. A drop, a blink, a sip, a minute...not that important to go hunt after.

By having said all this prologue, i'd love to have a minute of blank mind. All the memories, good ones, bad ones and other ones, the worries, the expectations from and of the future, the ghosts of the past, the spontaneity of the present...everything to be erased just for a minute. So that i can know once again how does it feel like to be a blank slate again, to feel or remember nothing; to be free like my 7 months old nephew who knows nothing but doing his best to mimic the expression of the person holding him. Does this wish sound weird? Of course it does. If someone else was saying it to me, I'd probably be like - Hey! that's not possible, you know! Besides, be cool with everything you have. Or, may be something similar to that. 

May be the ocean would not miss its one drop. May be the sip taken from a huge glass of hot chocolate would not be terribly missed. May be the eternity would still do just fine without its minuscule fraction. But that ocean would not understand the freedom of that one drop. The brimming glass of hot chocolate would not know the lingering taste lasting on thirsty lips. The eternity would never feel what does it feel like to be wanted as much as one minute. 

i know. This wish is a demand of a foolish mind. It is too big of a request to place. Eternity would never give away its tiny part. A minute is too long for it to give up just for someone's selfish desire. 

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