Monday, 5 June 2017

Imagining something new

i hadn't planned on writing anything tonight but sitting on the same spot in my balcony as previous night and looking up at the sky, the content was found unexpectedly. i sat there thinking nothin'. Just drinking in the natural beauty of such night's silence. As i looked up, i found some small but several big clouds perched over the backdrop of dark gray sky. and suddenly something hit me. A while ago, someone had suggested me to be light-hearted. I can be fussy some times. So i decided to try it - how does it feel like to be light-hearted? i started imagining creatures out of those pale white patches of clouds, a usual game of dreamers.

At first, it was tough. Clouds were not in usual discipline. But after a few seconds, i could see a big dog (or you can say, rhinoceros) running to the right. It's shape was nice. And then i saw head of a bull a little to the left but up and away from the dog. Weird though but there was so much precision in its two eyes, nostrils, and two spread horns on its either side of the head that i had to accept it. Then i started trying again. Luck was out or may be i was out of imagination. In fact, i felt the urge to bring those clouds together and stitch them together in a Mammoth or a Unicorn. That'd have been nice. But i didn't because i couldn't.

And then an idea hit me. Why it is always have to be existent or known creatures? Why can it not be about creating something new, imagining something new? i smiled. i must tell you that this 'trying to be light-hearted' thing had started to amuse me a little by now. With new perspective and from behind my spectacles, i watched at the scenery laid in front of me. i put all the clouds together and created a big creature. It had a big long neck with a reasonably broad face. But you should wait until i tell you what the rest of it looked like. The rest of this creature was huge. It had two enormous broad wings right below its neck and donning the back of its chest. It had a long tail as well, not one but two, one below the other. Everything worked out in favor except a small pile of clouds hunched on its hip. What could that be? And then i turned it into a small creature, an ally to the big one to keep an eye on its backside. Perfect! Eyes on front, eyes on the back. And then i gave some powers to my newly invented creature. It can change its shape in any and many forms. After all, it is made up of clouds. i have to give this obvious prowess. It could also run across the whole sky. Those sporadic stars peeking from its body from here and there could be little glitters, little gems attached to its body, to give it a more appealing look.

After everything, i thought since i have put so much efforts in creating something new tonight, let's give it a name. and it didn't take me long to come with three - 

1. A night rider
2. Hulk of the sky, Or, 
3. A night's knight. 

Which one do you prefer? i prefer second and third since they seem to give away the principal purpose of creating this creature in volume. 

At the end while writing this piece at this moment, i don't know whether i feel light-hearted but the experiment has sure given me a new eye  - imagine something new. 

No wonder i am a fiction writer. i dream too much with open eyes. 

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