Friday, 23 June 2017

Giving up to the unknown

When it comes to future, Curiosity is the concept we humans lean at the most. Be it the next hour, tomorrow or the week after, we just can't stop looking, digging into the uncertainties and deciding the possible course of actions. Sometimes the concept of curiosity gets so strong that we literally stop living in the present and thrust ourselves forward in the bubble of future. We roll inside it and do our best to find the balance all the while keeping an eye on the probable. But something clicks at some point and pop! The bubble bursts out and we finally come back to reality. The dear feeling of not knowing what's gonna happen next gets kind of unsettling, slips underneath your nerves. You sit with head down thinking deep...finally giving up to the unknown.

This, my friend, the act of giving up to the unknown should have taken place at the first place. If it had, a lot of time and energy could have been saved. And yes, a few more wrinkles off the face too. Who needs those fine lines anyway?! 

In an urge to catch the the butterfly of future, we are probably getting distracted from collecting fragrance of the present. At some point, we have to learn to stop. Not every step taken forward can really take you forward. Standing still and let the world around move can also be the next step. We just have to stop and give up - to the future, to the unknown, to the forbidden. Then only we can truly learn to grow, to move forward, to be deserving of the knowledge of beyond. We just need to flow according to the flow and allow things to happen. 'Cause they will happen even if you don't. So just sit and put the head on the head rest and be the part of the present. Who knows what's going to happen next, so why bothering all the time? When it comes, it will be braved and faced. When it finally reveals, it will be served with the response it deserves. Until then, breathe. It'll keep you in the kingdom of reality - the present - with you as the anonymous king perched on the magnificent throne of permitted. And who wouldn't want to be fancied by such?

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