Friday, 16 June 2017

Eyes say it all.

"We can stay only for a short while." He said

"Okay." She said, smiling all the way.

"Do not tell this to anyone." He said.

"I won't." She assured.

He opened the door and there her friend Jennifer was, doing something by the table. Jennifer saw them smile shining her face. By this time, i already had an uneasy feeling, like something bad is going to happen any second. Jennifer saw her friend and the moment she stepped forward with smile still glowing her face, a bullet meets the left of her stomach and then another right in between her eyes, on the forehead. The next moment, she was dead by the same table. The man, who had brought the girl with him, was stunned. He turned back and saw the girl he loved deeply, immensely probably trying to figure out what the hell she just did. The girl looked back at him, not a single trace of remorse on her face and before the man could utter any sort of response, she fired the gun at him. Three or four bullets may be. The man was now on the floor, bleeding to death.  

It's this serial that i watch in weekdays. In fact, this is the only serial i watch. The scene i just narrated to you, it belongs to tonight's episode. The girl who fired the gun and appears to be so cruel here actually looked so innocent, delicate and harmless. The man loved her so much! He had brought the girl to meet her friend, Jennifer. It was a secret meeting and he trusted his love so much, so blindly. But the girl did her mission. And killed two people - one her friend and another her lover ( she didn't love him really, did she?).

But what usually gets under my skin during such scenes is - the eyes of the victim faced with betrayal. The amount of pain all wrapped up meticulously in the agony of shock. The thought that the person you trusted your heart so much with can actually commit a kill on your trust breaks you. Only one sense becomes the prominent - the eyes. Other senses just stop working. Those eyes opened wide struggling to drink in the incredulity of the moment, still forcing the mind to figure out what went wrong or is it for real? You just stop sensing the pain caused by the bullet, the external killing resource. You get killed by the the moment you chose to consider a particular person your own. You get killed by all those happy memories that do not fail to flash in a second across your eyes before you fall to the ground and turn into a dead body. You get killed because of your decision to hand over the complete power to someone. You get killed by your own choice, those good happy memories, that decision you thought made sense. Bullet just makes the job easier. Your mind gives up, the heart has no desire to keep drumming in your chest, blood spews because there is no use. You reel on the floor, you keep seething until it's all over. Not because The End was destined but because you wanted it to be over.

i won't blame you if you judge my post inspired by an episode. At some extent, it is but not entirely. There are many more moves and ideas in that serial but i never choose to write about any of'em. What i have written here, what i have told you here actually happens in real life. When someone betrays your trust, your integrity gets compromised. You start testing your G.K. about people and relationships and probably start thinking to re-write it. Because everything stops making sense. Where you thought this is the one who will always understand me, who will always wipe your tears away, that same person can suddenly and magically becomes immune to the core of your emotions. No matter the size of vortex, the ultimate damage finally comes down on you, on your relationship. Where you thought you can trust your judgment and choose to go against this world, suddenly it becomes not You v/s The world. It becomes You v/s Yourself. And then you stop and think 'how to outplay my own self'? Then again, nothing makes sense. You become numb and your eyes speak the story on your behalf. 

Somehow i am beginning to feel i am delivering a very depressing blog post once again. You seem to agree too! This week, it has been hard to feel something good, something positive. Anyway, let's end all of it with just one sentence - If someone loves you deeply, do not cause hurt. You wouldn't like what those eyes might have to say in return. 

Okay! Now that's two sentences.

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