Friday, 26 May 2017

The transformation

Having legs stretched after seven hours straight feels so relaxing. It's as if life is thrusting itself back in my body once again. The feeling of being at home finally puts me at much ease. 

I was at my native for last few weeks. Needless to say it was once again a golden period being able to live and breathe and talk silly under the protective shade of my parents. staying off all the household responsibilities is always mesmerizing. Yes! Daughters tend to get selfishly lavishly lazy in terms of cooking and cleaning and managing groceries once they are with their parents. With them, life is innocent once again. There is hope etched all over. But I do care for them. I have my own way, own tricks and turns, own handbook to do it. All in all, getting to the place where your roots belong is binding. 

When I unlatched my house door, I was welcomed by an upturned but dead cockroach right on the floor of living room. I smiled. Not because that was the sight I wanted to be welcomed with but to be able to be at home once again. I entered with all our luggage and then started the inevitable. Opening bags, taking out necessary articles, cleaning tables and kitchen, thinking what to eat at two of night, doing best to handle kid with his crying and howling because he is missing his maternal grand parents, getting washing machine loaded with dirty laundry, brushing teeth and a few more things. I amaze at the transformation I slipped into in a second. I am no more a daughter here. I am a housewife now who has a few priorities to sort out before she gets to sleep. But I don't mind. This is life. This is home.

So finally I ended up having dinner made up of total junk food. Once in a while is allowed. Besides, Maggi can be eaten anytime. There is no such law declared for Maggi to be eaten at any specific time. Blessings to Nestle! I wanted to put my feet up on the couch and slurp the noodle and watch TV but kid was still not okay. He was still missing everyone. So I dropped the idea of TV and went to sit next to him with my plate of steaming Maggi. It took sometime but finally he was settled and now is sleeping. I, instead of getting the opportunity to stare at moving screen, settled down with my laptop.

Eyes are droopy now. But weather is nice and pleasant. I like it. Back at my native, it was extreme summer. But here in Bangalore is different. I remember myself looking out of the plane's window at Bangalore. House were lit here and there and in clusters. They looked to me as if they were symposiums of fire flies gathered to decided which place to light up tomorrow. It was a serene sight. I continued reading my book on Kindle and thanked my husband profusely for giving it to me last year. Books truly are your best buddies. I enjoy reading on my Kindle very much. It is so easy, so very much convenient! 

Before I end, let me be honest. I too miss my parents here. But can't go like an open book about my sentiments just as my son. I have to be in control and reality check. Yet I miss them. It's alone here without them.

Now good night!

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