Monday, 15 May 2017

The elegant presence in my book club (The 500th post)

They say, where there is will, there is way. And I believe in them.

I am at my native (my home more than any house in this world) spending time with my parents, brother and other family members. Being away from Bangalore reserves few regrets for me. One of them is - my book club. I thought I'd miss it for an entire month until I went back but no. Since readers are everywhere, so do books and my book club. I started taking club sessions for my niece, nephew and kid.  These three nuisance somehow manage to help me invent my book club in a different but interesting format. We are just four but fun can be garnered with this small crowd as well. 

 Today was the second last session of this month. The most fun and biggest advantage running your book club at your native can be - that your parent/s can pop in anytime and be a part of it. So my mum dropped by unexpectedly this eve during the session and fortunately, we were having a relaxed session - Mind Spa on Monday. We read for thirty minutes followed by another thirty minutes of coloring pages. I was coloring with my nephew when my mother made an elegant entry. I asked her - When was the last time you did coloring? She said - Don't remember but it has been years! I invited her and she took my place. I was joyous seeing my mother being a part of my book club (which is an impossibility when I am in Bangalore).

She started coloring with my nephew and I could see she was enjoying herself with pencil shaped trimmed crayons and little coloring book. While my nephew went on coloring crooning an indecipherable song, mummy was too focused on the task at hand to look elsewhere.

My most fav picture of the recent

I was delighted getting to click her. In short, we all had fun, however, if I am to bare the truth here, these kids made a hell lot of noise out of fun and laughed like some sort of hysteria had caught them. I remember myself holding my head at one point because I had grown too tired to shout at them to speak anymore. Later on, I told them - While you guys truly had your mind spa, you surely trashed mine. To which, needless to say, they burst out in another hysteria of laughter and banged the door while going out. 

At the end of today's club session

P.S.  Just noticed this post is the 500th one on my blog. No other content could be better than this one for such a big milestone.

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