Saturday, 8 April 2017

The blue sky at night.

Life for a woman, at times, can be on a constant run. Another day has come to an end and it feels as if it has slipped away like a breeze (except that of boring afternoon. Why summer afternoons always have to be boring?). Stopped by the table to pick my medicine when, suddenly, I noticed something peeking from my balcony net door (Read further. It's not a horror story). I paused with the medicine box in my hands. Kid was waiting in the room but I thought to slip into the balcony for a minute. It was the shadow of moonlight falling onto the floor of my balcony that oozed the longing to steal a minute.

As I stood watching the sky, which might be peeking from every window and every balcony net doors of many houses at this point, the cool breeze calmed the rushed senses. Thankfully there was no lizard soaking in the moonlight. To my surprise, the sky still has a touch of light blue. It should be grey or black but no. It appears to me blue right now. It's nice! To encounter a little miracle, the blueness out of a predicted blackness. 

Kid is asleep now and now I am sitting in the balcony, stealing more one minutes. I am glad that my house is far away from the hustle and bustle of city. It's tranquil in here, the kind of solace a soul can ask for. It is good for so many things. It's going to be ten of night yet I can vividly hear two aunties chatting merrily while having their walks downstairs. I know them. Such little muffled conversations are like gentle little ripples in the ocean of peace. I know I should go to sleep too. Night always has to end to give a head start to another day. But I want to sit for longer, turning one minute into an eternity, may be? Only that it is not possible. 

Why? I ask. Why it is not possible? If you think freely, eternity sure is made up of these little one minutes. In other words, you can say, one minute is the unit of an eternity. So if I can't have a big sloppy overwhelming eternity at this time, I still can have little ones...little blue eternities. And it's enough. 

See! A peaceful surrounding makes you creative. Now let me say good night but not before I steal another little blue eternity. :)

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