Saturday, 25 March 2017

The real success lies in doing what you love

What's this thing with Bangalore? During day, it's hot but evenings are always pleasant. And don't ask about the nights. Cool breeze and oscillating trees will just steal your heart right away. :)

A few days back, I read an interview of someone. Although I am failing at the interviewee's name yet I can recall his final words of the session:

If you think doing corporate job is a symbol of success then you may be are at mistake. Success is doing what you love to do. 

A simple reminder of following your heart to have an enriched nourished life. Doing what you love is, you can call it, food to the soul. It nurtures the virtues such as self-preservation and the will to keep moving. When you do what you love, you are not needed to be poked and goaded and lectured for doing it. You just pick it up and start. It's a beautiful feeling! The motivation comes from within. The protest starts from the heart and finally makes up to the soul when the moment is filled with the desire. Not only the initiation becomes a lot easier but also the sense of achievement multiplies at a great level. In a short period of time, you naturally learn more than what you could learn from doing something that just does not feel right to the heart and yet you have to fall in line. Since Guitar is my passion, I learn new songs every week. The desire takes birth naturally and I just start and only stop when my hands have totally given up. Though I am still a beginner but hopefully on the way to become a pro one day. See! Dreaming big becomes easy too. 

Doing what you love is inspiring, motivating and the best partner in crime when you want to ignore everything and everyone in order to do it. So don't be afraid to pursue the story of heart even if it is a crime somewhere. You will be acquitted at the end.

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