Friday, 10 March 2017

Pick'A Book Club March Guest Talk

Yesterday we had Guest of the Month at our club. It was Mr. Ozwin D'Souza. He is a teacher and our neighbor, of course. Since March is burdened with exams and the deadly pressure, I thought to pick the idea for the talk something refreshing and highly engaging. It was - Mischief, Best Friends and Ideals. And you can imagine how much we must have enjoyed it. But before I say anything else, kindly have Ozwin's short bio attached with his picture.

So when Ozwin dropped by on time, kids did not show much of the enthusiasm. There is a thing about kids. They appear normal or rather, a little dull when you approach them but once you start making a connection with them, they change quickly and start liking you right away. The same happened with our guest. Kids were first silent and intrigued by the third presence (apart from them and me) but when Ozwin started talking about Best Friends, it took less than two minutes to get them talking back. And the way Ozwin started the talk, it was commendable! It became easier for kids to establish an instant connection with him.

Then the session which was planned previously to be precisely of 20 minutes got stretched into overwhelming forty minutes! There was just so much to share, so much to talk and discuss and have fun with speaking about mischievous things each one of us has done in the childhood; about best friends, having secrets with them and also about adoring our ideals in details. You should have seen all the children and their instant interest in speaking on the topic. It was magical! When I see them bonding well with our guest, I just feel so happy. There is no dearth in that. The entire session was special and our minds were refreshed. We thanked our guest for coming over and giving us his precious time. Kids went home delighted by the session. Later on, Ozwin and I discussed various topics over coffee. Another day came to a good end.
Let me tell you that when I give my guests the topic to speak on, it is not so easy. I have to keep three things in mind - 1. The idea should be according to the theme of the month, 2. Kids must feel the connection with the guest, and 3. they must also feel the natural amity towards participating in the Guest talk.

Choosing the topic for yesterday session was tough. I remember having walk a few days back and thinking over what topic should I give to our guest. What possibly could go well with the theme of the month - Mind Spa in March which is all about getting to read favorite books so that the minds will be off from the exam pressure for a while and gets rejuvenated and energized. Then I asked myself: If I were a kid and going through the exam pressure, on what sort of topic would I like to listen and discuss and have fun about? And then slowly it hit me. Childhood. Friends. Ideals. And I was decided. See! Walking not only gets and keeps you fit but also helps building your future plans. The video will be uploaded soon however photos are already uploaded. See them here: 

Pick'A Book Club - For Kids March 9th 2017 Guest Talk

Sharing a few of them though.

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