Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Books never let you grow old

It is always good to have extra time in hands and buy (or rather, secretly shop on Kindle when husband is not around) new books. The sensation you get just by the anticipation of getting new stories is unparalleled. Much like a kid wanting the day to turn into dusk and then scale towards the night so that he could be tucked inside the blanket and watch his grand mother read new exciting stories to him. In my case, I am the child and my Kindle and paperbacks are the grand mother.

As I am digging into the initial pages of Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks, it feels so ethereal, it feels as if all those daily storms and hurricanes, global warming and pollution, twists and turns of routine life have come to a sudden halt, just so that I can read. Kid was doing his homework beside me when I opened my Kindle and it lit up to me, alike the grand mother's eyes, seeing her child expectant for a good story. And as I continued from where I had left off, I stopped after a page. Reading requires seclusion, tranquility of time. I slowly switched off my device and now waiting eagerly to have some peace unperturbed slot around. Books encourages the child inside you to stay intact. They never let you grow old!

I am glad to be a child holding a book despite the fact that I own a little library of my own yet it is beautiful to have a new one in addition. I am glad to be able to feel the excitement every time I buy. And I am super thrilled when I start digging into its pages. It's a precious feeling, I tell you. 
Be the kid and hold a book. I promise every trouble, every storm that you may have been facing these days will swiftly settle back and you will be endorsed in a world where there is no one but you and your wise witty grand mother, full of stories with endless journeys and charming people to meet.

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