Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Be alone. Be found.

it's good to spend time with people but if you want to headhunt yourself, be alone, away from the crowd, from the people, from the noise. In silence rings the most rhythmic tune of life. In silence only can you find the balance which is impossible to pursue in the middle of constant buzz. When you are alone, you are actually not alone. I mean, you might be having the sound of fan running overhead, the purifier filtering water, people jabbing door bell over and over again ignoring you might be busy writing an important blog post, the whooshing sound of airplanes passing above your house...various muffled sounds, letting their presence distinctively felt. But still you sit, one leg over the couch and second down on the carpet and your eyes are fixed on the screen thinking and fingers typing at the same time. But it's still silence! Either when the fan is still doing its job recklessly and people might re-start flirting with the door bell. You sit with eyes closed thinking to write something all the while slowly turning in a sponge...absorbing the silence around. It's magical, I tell you. It's addictive, you already know it. There can be just so many things running in the mill called brain - people, incidents, phone conversations, in person conversations, memories, past, the upcoming travel, job, hobbies turned passions, the next day birthday party invitation, calories gained during the recent festival - these and many more keep traveling in a loop gradually forming its center - You. The more you think, the more you get closer to yourself, the clearer things become. Silence is not only a desire or a longing but it also acts as a clears your image to yourself. Many things start making sense and you abruptly, much to your disappointment, realize How idiotic I was during this and that moment. There can be moments of triumph as well such as Whoa! I did good here. Lots of things finally settle at their right positions (or you just got a new eye for them, whatever) and the picture (or pictures, if you are a high rated thinker like me) becomes more vivid. Suddenly it feels as if you are seeing the whole version for the first time. It's surprising because it's your picture. It has moments including you, the colors of your emotions, the rainbow of achievements, the amalgamation of wins and losses, the irregularity of your own nature...still it looks so different from the other times. It looks real! Authentic! Original! The only version you are supposed to extract, to see and to live with.

Seclusion not only can be your next best pal but also can be the mentor, guiding through tough times by holding your hands allowing you to sulk deeper so that you can again be on your feet with a new abundance of energy, new hope, new thoughts and new decisions. It helps you in becoming you. It does not seek pretense. It simply stays by your side until  the crowd raids the space once again. But if you go through enough seclusion, the raid gets welcomed. Because now you know what you are. Because now you are - found.

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