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Be alone. Be found.

it's good to spend time with people but if you want to headhunt yourself, be alone, away from the crowd, from the people, from the noise. In silence rings the most rhythmic tune of life. In silence only can you find the balance which is impossible to pursue in the middle of constant buzz. When you are alone, you are actually not alone. I mean, you might be having the sound of fan running overhead, the purifier filtering water, people jabbing door bell over and over again ignoring you might be busy writing an important blog post, the whooshing sound of airplanes passing above your house...various muffled sounds, letting their presence distinctively felt. But still you sit, one leg over the couch and second down on the carpet and your eyes are fixed on the screen thinking and fingers typing at the same time. But it's still silence! Either when the fan is still doing its job recklessly and people might re-start flirting with the door bell. You sit with eyes closed thinking to wr…

The real success lies in doing what you love

What's this thing with Bangalore? During day, it's hot but evenings are always pleasant. And don't ask about the nights. Cool breeze and oscillating trees will just steal your heart right away. :)
A few days back, I read an interview of someone. Although I am failing at the interviewee's name yet I can recall his final words of the session:
If you think doing corporate job is a symbol of success then you may be are at mistake. Success is doing what you love to do.
A simple reminder of following your heart to have an enriched nourished life. Doing what you love is, you can call it, food to the soul. It nurtures the virtues such as self-preservation and the will to keep moving. When you do what you love, you are not needed to be poked and goaded and lectured for doing it. You just pick it up and start. It's a beautiful feeling! The motivation comes from within. The protest starts from the heart and finally makes up to the soul when the moment is filled with the desir…

Forgive while you still can

You have no idea what kind of image my house is reflecting at this moment. Even though the maid is gone after doing a good cleaning and moping still it feels as if I am sitting in the middle of an earthquake. Too much mess gives me headache and I am having one now.  So I am just trying to keep it calm and doing what I love.
Sometimes when you are chopping onions in the daybreak in your kitchen, it is not surprising if one or two unpleasant emotions catch up on you. And then you start snorkeling into something you shouldn't - the years gone by - because you want to finish cooking while you are still sane. A few incidents flash across your focused eyes and you inevitably start wincing inside. They are the ones making you shift in the chair, drifting your gaze away, making you lick your lips that have suddenly gone dry, the slight palpitation of heart, the appearance of that burrow in the forehead, the longing for just stop feeling okay. The beginning of a frown occur…

Present is the souvenir of the future

Yesterday we were on a de-cluttering spree. As we kept unloading and scrubbing spaces off the unwanted items, a jute bag caught my attention. Upon opening it, I paused. The rest of the world settled in the background and I got fairly lost in the articles kept inside that bag.
It reminded me of a particular slot of time, passed years ago. There were glues, glitters, colorful cello tapes, hand made craft items such as envelops and paper bags, stones and buttons, colorful strips for paper quilling, tiny boxes, silky yarn, a few toothpicks, models to create more paper bags and envelops...a time restored in one bag with non-working zip. As I kept on exploring those items, I felt I was taken back into the time where I was something else...someone who was enthusiastic and optimistic for her Art & Craft Sale to work, to wow people. I remember I had made dozens of beautiful eye-catching papers boxes and envelops of various kinds, sizes and colors packed nicely in plastic wraps. Some festi…
आसमां से ग़र चाँद मांग लूँ तो जन्नत में रौशनी कैसे होगी ?
सुबह से ग़र सूरज मांग लूँ तो रात के सीने में शाम कैसे होगी ?
अनसुनी अनकही बातों का भी काश कोई ग़वाह होता, ह्रदय ही ग़र जो खोल कर रख दिया तो ख़ामोशी की तलब कैसे होगी ?
यूँ तो वक़्त के झरोखे में बिखरे हैं कई मोती कुछ मेरे तो कुछ तोहफे स्नेह के, उन मोतियों को ही ग़र ना सहेज लूँ
तो यादों में पहल कैसे होगी ?
कहते हैं 'मनुष्य तूफ़ां है तो भावनाएं साहिल हैं' लहरों में जो ना बहे तो किनारों पर हलचल कैसे होगी ?
मुस्कुराने के तो बहुत से बहाने हैं
कुछ साक्ष तो कुछ अनभिज्ञ,
होंठ ही ग़र जो स्वावलंबी हो गए
तो आँखों में चमक कैसे होगी ?

चुप सी चलती बेहोश सी ये ज़िन्दगी
हर एक आंधी को बाहों में समेटे,
तिनके ही ग़र जो ना सिमट पाएं
तो कहीं और बहार कैसे होगी ?

P.S. Could not put a title to this creation of mine but it'll get one, once I get it.

Books never let you grow old

It is always good to have extra time in hands and buy (or rather, secretly shop on Kindle when husband is not around) new books. The sensation you get just by the anticipation of getting new stories is unparalleled. Much like a kid wanting the day to turn into dusk and then scale towards the night so that he could be tucked inside the blanket and watch his grand mother read new exciting stories to him. In my case, I am the child and my Kindle and paperbacks are the grand mother.
As I am digging into the initial pages of Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks, it feels so ethereal, it feels as if all those daily storms and hurricanes, global warming and pollution, twists and turns of routine life have come to a sudden halt, just so that I can read. Kid was doing his homework beside me when I opened my Kindle and it lit up to me, alike the grand mother's eyes, seeing her child expectant for a good story. And as I continued from where I had left off, I stopped after a page. Reading …

Pick'A Book Club March Guest Talk

Yesterday we had Guest of the Month at our club. It was Mr. Ozwin D'Souza. He is a teacher and our neighbor, of course. Since March is burdened with exams and the deadly pressure, I thought to pick the idea for the talk something refreshing and highly engaging. It was - Mischief, Best Friends and Ideals. And you can imagine how much we must have enjoyed it. But before I say anything else, kindly have Ozwin's short bio attached with his picture.

So when Ozwin dropped by on time, kids did not show much of the enthusiasm. There is a thing about kids. They appear normal or rather, a little dull when you approach them but once you start making a connection with them, they change quickly and start liking you right away. The same happened with our guest. Kids were first silent and intrigued by the third presence (apart from them and me) but when Ozwin started talking about Best Friends, it took less than two minutes to get them talking back. And the way Ozwin started the talk, it wa…

Celebrating Women's Day - The change I want

So today is Women's Day. First and the foremost, wishing all the women out there a very happy occasion. May we keep up with the virtues of womanhood which is strength, hope, love, care, integrity, earning credentials and the list is on...
Today, it does feel a little different. May be occasions/special days have a certain impact over the human psychology. I feel as if I have really drunk boost and actually feeling strong! I feel energetic even though I had slept less than four hours last night and did not have a nap the whole day. After so long I have also applied nail paint and it looks nice. Have also made a video featuring all those women who teach me important lessons of life and motivate me at various fronts but when I am posting it here, its not taking. I wonder why. Ungrateful blogger! Wishes showering from everywhere make me feel good and special though. I am grateful to them.
If you ask how does it feel like being a woman, I'd say - It feels rare and precious, beauti…

Everything comes at a price!

I am just done with my morning tea. Summer is here but somehow, the weather seems to be in a good mood since yesterday. It is still pleasant and no-sunny morning though I miss the sun, for the regular dose of my Vit. D.

They say work is very important. One benefit that you can garner from the statement is - that you get to enjoy leisure, you get to feel its tickle deeply. Because it's rare and so, precious. So sitting by my window looking out at trees gets me into some thinking. Trees - the natural but stubborn soldiers of our mother nature. They have to suffer so much for their growth. Even though there are four weathers by text book definitions yet our trees suffer many more than that - sudden rainfall in summers, snowfall in summers, sultry evenings, beautiful summer mornings, the brunt of human beings - they still grow, refuse to give up on their nature. But when those little buds appear on the nodes and afterwards, turn into beautiful flowers and leaves and fruits, all the h…

The Universe Between Us

When being in the crowd then only you know the seclusion preferred when being in seclusion you realize the chaos running in head; life is contradictory most of the times gives easy times, and many limes the solution might lie in being strong fighting like a fighter, wounded like a lion; everything appears to be a mirage or may be we are living the one at large before you know it's all a hallucination puff! goes the sweet fancy imagination; but the greatest truth lies in believing yourself the time, the nature, the unparalleled universe the one that lies in you, the one that lies in me and the one that's resting between us many.
By - Priyanka Baranwal