Friday, 3 February 2017

Why smart phones are called so?

There was this idea for tonight's post but I seem to be forgetting it. With no additional grey hair in sight, I wonder why it's happening. Anyway, let's talk on something else.

Smart phones.

The name actually gets me curious. Why a simple device is being called smart? We have laptops and tablets, Play stations and Kindles. They are pretty smart as each of them offer an spectacular use of time but still they are the victim of some unknown prejudice. They work smart yet they are not being called Intelligent Laptop or Fun Tablet, Perfect Play Station or Kool Kindle.

When I come to think of it, only phones are being called smart because of one reason - That human needs it more than it needs us. That's why it is smart. Without getting under suspicion, phones are making us addictive and once it is done, the human gets dumb and it becomes smart. As simple as that! After all, it can never get a hang of us and thus, dumb.

I see around and find not only strangers but also closest of people hung up on their smart phones. And their addiction is way over the line. It's infuriating! And they also have a pile of complaints as well. Such as - burning eyes, eye sight problems, inability in sleeping, lack of love and understanding in relationships, growing distance, headache, heart ache, numbness in muscles, lowering I.Q. and so on. They know it's because of their phones yet the addiction has gotten so much under the skin that it has become almost impossible to get rid of the bad habit.

There is a talk, I guess since a few years, that robots/machines will take over one day. Just imagine! Robots have taken over completely and are giving us instructions. We, the humans, are obliging without a doubt or a question. Robots, of course, would have already taken of the rest 90% of our brains (we currently use only 10% of our brain capacity). And more interesting than all is, they would be giving instructions like this:

"Hey, Smart Human! Fetch me a mechanic. I need to mold the contorted metal plates of my brains."

P.S. It's past twelve and my eyes are burning. I wonder why. *wink*

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