Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The silver lining of every relationship

Each relationship has a highlight, or you can say, a silver lining that shines when grey clouds are hovering and the sky has nothing to offer but thunder and chills. In simple words, every relationship is based on a particular trait, that makes it strong and binds the people in it together. A mother and daughter relationship is more about sharing; a father and daughters' is about protection; siblings offer a pleasant time while friendships are based on mutual respect and sharing space.

But the very foundation gets vague and versatile in nature when it comes to couples - married as well as live in. Every other relationship may fade over time but when it comes to the one you love deeply, it gets tough to identify the nature of the relationship. Sometimes it feels it is made up of love while at other times, it can be about respect, understanding, communication...and so on. But if both the ends are willingly tied together, it means there is something, a silver lining that gleams during the dark times. It saves the relationship from getting charred away from the lightning and thus, works as a guide taking them in the right direction.

Therefore, it is significant to discover what is it that your relationship with your beloved is based on? What is it that ties a connection meant never to be severed? Once you discover it, it helps during dark times, tumultuous days. It helps to build a new boat from the same foundation to sail through another wind storm. That particular trait of your relationship brings the necessary balance and becomes your identity as whole.

My silver lining with my blog is purely based on understanding. It gives me space while I try my best to fulfill it responsibly. But right now, I am so drunk with sleep after working on the screen through the day that it's become hard to keep my eyes open. They are burning! While I have promised to write another blog post tomorrow, it's time to see stars and moon in the dreamworld.

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