Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Talk. Communicate. Express.

Before I put my wisdom tooth at work and initiate a conversation here, I just want to confess that the weather outside has become very chilly. The wind is restless and intends to sweep away anyone barring its way. One can't stay sans a jacket or sweater. Still, it's heavenly!

Now let's begin some serious talking. If I am to pull out a personal moment and pin it here, that'd belong to yesterday. Since a few days I had been sensing an invisible dusk of stress on my husband. I asked twice or may be thrice but each time the reply was casual. Finally I decided to put a stop to such casual replies (pun intended). After all, there is a limit to these. I am sort of frank in relationships and expect people to be honest too. So when I stayed persistent, the dam finally broke and everything that was packed behind it gushed out. We talked and talked for a long time...over the things that had turned into issues and also on potential stuff. Result? The dawn of content and relief.

Above is actually a moment from your life too. At one or the other point, you must have felt there are some questions that cannot get satisfied with I am okay! or You are thinking too much or Everything is alright. Don't worry. First of all, why to put forward desert when it's time for the starter? Say what want. Say what you don't. Second, you can only deceive yourself by giving away casual replies and not talking about the issues/problems that are actually waiting to be discussed. Talk! Please.

Not only the yesterday moment but there are endless samples of moments in other relationships as well when people hesitate and prefer to stay quiet and let the issue drag. May be, from your point of view, not talking might be helping but when the Q. arises more than once, please say it pronto. Because the other person is concerned; the relationship with you for him/her is important or else why do you think the importance of communication gets boasted about all the time? Talking...actual talking is so important.

Next time when someone asks and if the person is held close to your heart, Say It. Say what's bothering you. It helps immensely. It also saves time, energy and cuts down on the pile of complaints. And if no one is asking (some things sure get skidded in the rain of life), be the host and organize the party yourself (the way I did yesterday). Talk. Communicate. Express. Three faces but one coin - Peace of mind.

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