Saturday, 4 February 2017

Pop a question and enjoy the rest

Few days back, I wrote a post on Why smart phones are called so? The thought was spontaneous but worth thinking over.

Yesterday I popped the same Q. to my bestie over the phone. If I can say one thing about the conversation that followed, it was quite entertaining. This morning I asked the same to my husband on the breakfast table. He too went way deep to answer and this conversation too was a good show for me to sit back and enjoy.

If you give the Q. a minute, it will amaze you by its simplicity and complication at the same time. If you wish to know what was there in both the conversations I mentioned above that I enjoyed so much, ask it to the closest familiar person, and you will know. Let me give you a heads up until you find one.

First and the foremost, he will scrunch his face, thinking over the category of the Q. (like weird or interesting). Second, the answer will comprise of two most basic logic - that phones are compact, easy to carry, and they have calling facility. These two will be the foundation of their argument. Funny thing is, people usually have the tendency to wrong you at the first chance. Somehow they try hard to find ways to oppose you and then try harder to convince you. This Q. in particular can be very fun and a good investment of time in understanding human psychology.

Earlier, computers were monstrous when it was made. Now they are impossibly sleek and a hell lot faster. Kindle is an amazing device, a true friend, fulfilling the need of every sentiment that a book lover feels while reading. Tablets too provide the same features as phones, including calling facility. Yet it is called just a tablet. Other electronics too have their own Opera to sing for but... Then why phones are smart? Why the privilege gets restricted to them only?

A little advice: think through before you ask. You don't wanna lose and definitely wanna enjoy your own invented show.

P.S. When my bestie sided with Apple brand, I agreed saying that yes, if you want to say iPhones are smart phones, that's justified. Because Siri works like a human being, and not a machine. Apple has those features that make their phones genuinely smart. Therefore, in the herd, Apple steals the show and its phones validate the term smart phones. Be flexible when it's required and appropriate, if you want the discussion to be a pleasant experience, where you are in control of your show.

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