Friday, 3 February 2017

Pick'A Book Club's First Ever Guest Talk

Yesterday (Feb 2nd, Thursday) in our book club, I had invited a special guest under its Guest Feature. Just as one book cannot give you all the knowledge, in the same way, I can't teach my club kids everything that they need to learn. Interacting with different minds, experiences and thought process give kids a huge plunge in their development, and that's the motive of our club: a healthy development.

Post some pondering, I finalized on Shanta S. Rao Aunty living in my block. She is an old lady but very jovial, friendly and with rich experience. I needed to introduce a face to which kids could relate easily and she seemed to be perfect for it. But before putting up the request, I was kind of skeptical whether she'd accept it. Task was easy but people are actually very shy in coming forward but much to my delight, Shanta Aunty immediately accepted my request to come and give a motivational talk on - 4 global faces that inspire us. We discussed the idea in length and at the end, she became the first ever Guest at our club. I was excited and much looking forward to the session.

A short bio of Shanta Aunty

The theme for February, Kids and I have decided - Knowledge is Fun i.e. we are supposed to read General Knowledge books (kids hardly lay hands on this section). On usual time the session commenced. Kids enjoyed book as well as the newspaper reading. Afterwards they had snacks. I keep it healthy and tidy to eat. When I told them we are having a guest today, they were confused and excited both at the same time. Because it was the first ever time when a third person (apart from me and kids) was joining us. I explained. Then Shanta Aunty came...with a box of sweets! Such a lovely gesture by her! I loved it! It wasn't necessary or told but her action shows how much considerate she is towards the kids. Then kids enjoyed the sweets along with rest of the snacks. And then started the fun.

Speaking affectionately

Kids posing queries

Groupfie :)

Had to take a selfie or I'd be left as a ghostly presence, present but invisible

Shanta Aunty talked about - India's current PM Narendra Modi, Ex-captain Indian team M.S. Dhoni, Tennis player and the recent winner of 18th Grand Slam Roger Federer and Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. She spoke fondly and in apt details. As you can see above, kids are attentive and all ears. Aunty talked about so many good things that are still buzzing my mind. All in all, it was a great first experience with Guest Feature. Later on, we all expressed our gratitude and happiness to her for carving some time out for us and giving us some rich knowledge. At the end, I declared Reader of the Month. It's Ashmit for January month. We clapped for him and then I gave Aunty to give away activity sheets to kids as a a take away. In that sheet, there are Word Sleuth, Unscramble the word, Maze, Sudoku and one interesting fact. This will keep them positively occupied at home.

Ashmit, Reader of the (January) Month

I recorded the session as well and it's on my YouTube channel now. I hope to keep doing the good work, as Aunty has said in the video I made.

My club is a weekly affair and it looks so organized and balanced. So far, everyone has appreciated it a lot and I am only glad. But behind all this, there is so much hard work, imagination, the uncontrolled length of time spent, hovering stress, and the undying eagerness to give the best yet another time that doing it twice a week is quite a challenge for a single person. Whenever it's my club day, I am excited as well as nervous but each time, I give my best. Anything that let me sleep peacefully at the end of the day knowing I have fulfilled my responsibility well.

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