Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Outsourced motivation

This evening when I was done straining eyes on laptop, I decided to give the house a nice boost of clean up. The sight was such that it felt it was a dormitory of kids. Things scattered here and there, used plates, spoons, glasses staring at the ceiling (or may be to their God praying for the rescue team) on the coffee table and dining table, the swing burdened with cloths, TV remotes flung in places like they had just tolerated the torture of divorce...in short, it was the space no sane person would like to see. Explaining the situation of my house, however I know, is not very wise to put forth a good image of myself here but as once my sister had said - a tidied up house is a sign of a wasted life - I can afford to live in a mess for a bunch of times.

So at the climax of the cleaning, I had a very interesting conversation with my son.

Son: Mumma! Would you like to be Rabindranath Tagore?

I: Tagore? As in the famous writer and a poet? Well, why would I like to be someone else. i'd rather prefer to be myself.

Son: No. You didn't get me!" He seemed quite persistent with his perspective while I was firm at my cleaning in progress.

"I mean to say, he has written 50 novels and more than 3000 poems. Would you like to be a legend as big as him?"

I: Sure. Why not? But do you think I can manage to earn a good reputation as him?

Son: Why not, Mummy? In fact, you can do better than Tagore.

A smile erupted on my face. "So you believe that I can match him?"

Son: Of course! You can, Mummy. I do believe you can do better than Tagore.

And my cleaning was done.

Quite an irony to what I had said here yesterday. Not everyday you have to find motivation from within. It can be outsourced as well. Like my dear son filled me with some this evening. I could surely use some inspiration.

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