Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Humans and Nature side by side

Last week I was downstairs to have a walk. Times such as walks and work outs demand concentration. So I become very silent and concentrated in such time span. During my walk and somewhere between the music plugged into ears, I noticed the sight ahead of me. It got me curious. I can tell you a thing or two about being a writer. No matter what you do or what you say, where you go or where you come back from, you always have a third eye...a second perspective to the situation. Though the writer's hat is invisible to others yet it is always there on your head.

This was the sight I am talking 'bout:

While for others, it is something to do with the clean pavement and lights and buildings but no. If you look deeper you will find a hidden picture in this.

The sight is lined by two things: Left side by the Humans while Right one by the Nature. So different from each other yet standing side by side...letting the road connect them. While Humans are the ones full of so many impurities; it destroys whatever beautiful it finds around, Nature does the opposite. It is pure, serene, always minding its own business. Always about providing and less about taking. While one stands the symbol of the cycle of life and death, the other can be called the unanimous synonym of eternity. The sight is plain yet worth thinking - humans and nature side by side, allowing their differences to connect through the road.

Call me over-imaginative but the thought just struck a chord in my heart. I was surprised for a moment and even though the music went on, my mind got occupied thinking over the subject too! On how we are so different from the nature, the one who has created us, the one we call Mother Earth; on how we become selfish and manipulative while Mother Earth keeps nurturing us to the roots. I smiled when the third thought hit me - on how Mother Earth shows its wrath through catastrophes and disasters upon our mistakes. Kind of a high price to pay yet it is required. With the speed we humans are loving to destroy everything around, the time will come soon when we'd want to re-construct but continue to stand sans requisite ingredients.

Afterwards, I got deeper into the thinking mode and started noticing things around - how the light fell on the trees letting them have the orange glow, how those leaves made sound due to the breezy evening, the oscillating trees, sleeping safe and secured humans in their homes, sporadically star-studded sky, the shining crescent moon, lit houses, vigilant security guards, TV sounds making way out of the walls of homes, people chattering here and there, the silence inside the dark gym, cool wind welcoming everyone and anyone with open arms - I observed all these and much more. Relishing the time thoroughly, there I was! Walking alone with music on, eyes little more alert and in the possession of a sight that I'd never forget.

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