Thursday, 23 February 2017

Fun February 2017

Today was the last session of my book club for February month. As I prefer to introduce a theme to every month, Feb's was G.K. (General Knowledge). By introducing a theme, you give children a fix direction. They head towards it and their development becomes guaranteed. Random growth is hard to observe and obtain. Hence, the idea of theme is well appreciated.

We did no silent reading today, much opposite to the routine. Kids came and picked a book from the G.K. section and then we read a bit of it aloud to everybody. It helps! The kid reading the book has to be involved with the text while others have to pay rapt attention. Because we do not stop just at reading. It gets religiously followed by question and answer rounds. I ask Qs. to them and then I see how much they have lent their ears to the book/s. It is fun as well as much interacting. If you ask me one thing that I have observed constantly in all my club kids, my answer would be - Kids love to speak! Give them a chance and you may not get your turn to open mouth. some times I have to tell them to pause so that I can put in a relevant point or re-order the discipline. All in all, it was a fun February. Pics are here - 

Later on after snacks, I declared Star of the Month. It was not just one kid but I gave away prizes to everyone. Because G.K. is the area where kids hardly find an interest. But they put big efforts through out the month and so to honor their sincerity and hard work, I decided to give each of them a prize. I gave away one Hindi story book to everyone. Some other month, there will be Hindi as the theme and this book might help them get started early.

This month also fell two birthdays - Alisha's and Abhay's. As per the club's policy, Rs. 20/- was given to each of them as gift so that they can be encouraged to save money. They were happy to receive it and so am I.

We also talked about next month's theme. it's going to be even more exciting. More details later. 

Me explaining theme for March 2017
Fifteen minutes before the club could be concluded, my husband came from office and that's why we all could fit into one frame. At the end, he took our group photo which, i guess, is the most fun so far.

Yeah. Kids are sticking their tongue out. It's nice to see kids prompt to do anything anytime. They make my club worthwhile, they make my idea a success. Without them, I'd not be able to have so many beautiful memories. I just can't be thankful enough for their kindness, innocence and generosity. May they stay blessed always!

For more pics, please click here: Pick'A Book Club February 23rd Session

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