Monday, 6 February 2017

Appreciate yourself!

Taking a break from ~ 9 hours of working on the story. And once again, I am writing. That's the curse of being a writer. Writing becomes the pain while it continues to be the cure. 

Anyway... So how is your Monday preparing to pass out? In glee with loads of work? Or sleepy. still struggling to open eyes? If its the former, if you had started another week on a good note by completing  loads of work, it's time to pat your back. It's time to appreciate yourself. After all, at the end of the day, we all seek a heartfelt admiration for our honest efforts. Not every time you should wait for others to make you realize your worth by a certificate, degree, an award,  or any such token of appreciation. You can be your own cheerleader, or a merciful boss!

This li'l post reads so simple but if you do pat your back, you will realize you are not just appreciating the efforts you have put forth in the entire day but also carved out the upcoming path easier to walk on. Once the self is motivated, tough jobs starts to seem less scary, piles of files look less daunting; the deadlines give fewer nightmares and going through another hectic week appears no big deal. So go on, get on the stage, steal the limelight and give that little speech you always wanted to deliver to instill some inspiration. Be your own super star, be your own face to face with success after performing splendid during the whole day. Applaud yourself for getting a day handled so well!

But before you do, make sure the stage gets empty by the next morning and that you have to fill it again with another day of hard work. You again have to live up to your expectations. 

So this was my little speech for today. After all, I too had a hectic day, had I not?

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