Thursday, 9 February 2017

Aditya's freedom from the pain and misery

Today in the wee hours, a happy kid of our society passed away. He was Aditya. I have seen him may be twice but had found him always smiling. My husband says Aditya loved to give Hi fives. All in all, the loss of such a lovely child is hard to express.

On the health note, Aditya was not a very lucky child. He suffered from Down Syndrome and had developed Cancer. Since 15 days he was admitted in the hospital and was recovering well until pneumonia caught him in its paws. The situation started to turn bad from worse and finally he could not cope up with anymore struggle and succumbed to the silence that his family is dealing with now. Just an hour ago we went to his house for offering condolence to his parents. Seeing their sad eyes and slouched figures made us shiver. I don't need to explain their situation here because any one can imagine. It's really really tough for them to spend days and nights now because Aditya was their 24/7 attention.

During our heartfelt mourning, Aditya's father whom we call Balamurugan sir, told us that pneumonia affected him a lot and then doctors gave him high powered antibiotics which his body found impossible to digest. As result, Aditya's lungs ruptured and became the prime reaosn for his untimely death. It was such a terrible thing to hear. Just last year in August, one of our neighbours' husband passed away due to the carelessness of doctors. Doctors gave him pain killer when he was suffering with heart attack. One should never give pain killers in heart attack. It's fatal! But destiny has its own plans. And none of us can have a say in it.

Now before I go to sleep tonight, I pray for the family to get strength to cope up with such a big loss. I feel utterly sorry for them. And if I am not taken on the wrong note, I am happy for Aditya to have finally found freedom a kid of his age deserves...freedom from all the pain and miseries, freedom from the painful procedure of chemotherapy, and the inability to live a normal life. Wherever he is spreading happiness and giving Hi fives now, I salute his brave soul.

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