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Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

The song is quite striking. Listen in the solitude and you would never want to come out. This can make you so beautifully distressed! I love the song, the lyrics, the history behind its making and the band, of course. It's one of those early songs that I gained mastery over very soon but could only record this eve. Sharing. Hope you to like it. If you do, write something nice but if you don't, well...what can I say? Tune in to the real one then. :)

Fun February 2017

Today was the last session of my book club for February month. As I prefer to introduce a theme to every month, Feb's was G.K. (General Knowledge). By introducing a theme, you give children a fix direction. They head towards it and their development becomes guaranteed. Random growth is hard to observe and obtain. Hence, the idea of theme is well appreciated.
We did no silent reading today, much opposite to the routine. Kids came and picked a book from the G.K. section and then we read a bit of it aloud to everybody. It helps! The kid reading the book has to be involved with the text while others have to pay rapt attention. Because we do not stop just at reading. It gets religiously followed by question and answer rounds. I ask Qs. to them and then I see how much they have lent their ears to the book/s. It is fun as well as much interacting. If you ask me one thing that I have observed constantly in all my club kids, my answer would be - Kids love to speak! Give them a chance and

Is it okay to have less, even one friend?

Just the last week we installed the POP statue of the great monk Swami Vivekanand in a corner of our house. We had bought it from Kanyakumari a while ago but since then, could not find a corner suitable enough to place the great visionary. Now that finally we have, it only looks beautiful and may I dare say, inspiring. Every time I see him, his life, his work ethics and whatever amount of rest of the knowledge I have of him inspires me. When I find something hard to do, I look at him and say, "If he could do this, I can too!" I will post a picture of us some other time. Until then, have one from the trip taken.

One of the incidents from our Swami ji's life keeps me real. It is so natural and shows the depth of his thought process so well that it's a no wonder he led an exemplary life gaining tons of followers all over the world. So the incident in particular goes somewhat like this -
Once Swami Vivekanand went on the world tour. Alone. When he returned, his friends …

Speak it out to be heard.

Remember one of my recent posts where I had talked of my mother and how she drenched me with motherly warmth? Here is the post Soak into the warmth. Read it first because the one I am writing now is its sequel.

In a few relationships, you have to act more as a Giver. You don't expect much in exchange and keep giving your time and energy to those precious people. One of them are parents. You keep in touch even when they get surprisingly busy and also when hours turn into days and days turn into weeks until they find some time and make a call to you. In the meanwhile, you play the role of Jesus, forgiving them wholeheartedly. But sometimes you do get crucified! After all, everyone has a line of patience. Don't judge me as keeping quiet is absolutely okay. You only mean to give them free space after a while so that they can continue doing their work and finish them while, you, at your place and position, too are continuing with your work in order to meet the deadline.

So I simpl…

The Naked Face by Sheldon

Today I finished reading The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon. It took me two weeks to finish it. If you see the book, you will realize that the book should not last more than four or five days, a week may be. But two weeks sounds a little stretched. But I enjoyed reading it. Took my sweet time and thought about Sheldon and his protagonist, Judd Stevens. 
It's a murder mystery. Someone is out to kill Judd but who? Who could that be? The whole story revolves around it, exactly the way our pretty earth takes an inspection of the glowing sun. Somewhere the book is interesting. Sheldon has managed it well but over all? I am not sure. I did not like the book much. It felt Sheldon has tried to create unnecessary mystery out of nothing. Using big words of psychoanalysis (Judd is a psychoanalyst) does not work. At least for me. Thankfully I am not on any panel to judge this book or else...Sheldon's next murder mystery would be aimed at Me.
The only thing I liked in this book could be - t…

Talk. Communicate. Express.

Before I put my wisdom tooth at work and initiate a conversation here, I just want to confess that the weather outside has become very chilly. The wind is restless and intends to sweep away anyone barring its way. One can't stay sans a jacket or sweater. Still, it's heavenly!
Now let's begin some serious talking. If I am to pull out a personal moment and pin it here, that'd belong to yesterday. Since a few days I had been sensing an invisible dusk of stress on my husband. I asked twice or may be thrice but each time the reply was casual. Finally I decided to put a stop to such casual replies (pun intended). After all, there is a limit to these. I am sort of frank in relationships and expect people to be honest too. So when I stayed persistent, the dam finally broke and everything that was packed behind it gushed out. We talked and talked for a long time...over the things that had turned into issues and also on potential stuff. Result? The dawn of content and relief.

Soak into the warmth

I was busy in my work this afternoon when my mother called. Since a few days she had been ardently busy and could not avail five minutes to talk. Since she is the busiest person I have ever come across in my life, I let her indulge in all the necessary tasks she meant to give priority first.

When she called today, I thought for a moment to place an affectionate complaint about her being busy and not having time to talk to me but I refrained. She called and that was enough!

No sooner did I put the restraining order over myself that she said,

"I was meant to call you since a few days but could not! I was not feeling good for not being able to talk to you."

I felt myself warmed by her words. I asked to verify (and also to listen once again),

"Did you really feel bad at the inability to talk to me?" She confirmed in a firm yes, soaking me completely in her warm words this time.

What can I say here about how I felt at that moment. It just felt I was alive once again.

Do not give up to the failure

After wasting time skilfully (???) on Facebook after a loonngg hectic day, I am finally settled in the warmth of my blanket with a big piece of tranquility. By the way, I had one of a yummy cake this evening. No occasions. Got one as gift. So savored with family, society kids and a few friends.
Now staring at the screen thinking about what to write here, I finally decided to take help. Two minds get more ideas or that's what I believe. So my kid is sleeping next to me (or trying to sleep, you can say). I turned to him and asked to give me something from your day on which I can write as a blog post here. That post will be dedicated to you only. In a blink, he said - We should not lose ourselves to the failure.
Very good point. Upon asked, he said - 
'This morning when I went to play T.T. with my friends, I lost four matches but then I won the fifth one. When I lost one, I said to myself I'd work hard. When I lost the 2nd time, I said I'd work hard. When I lost the 3rd o…

Let the seed be a seed

They say no one should be self-complacent; that one should keep asking for more, keep striving for more. It is, of course, said on a positive note so that one can have a healthy development, a better growth. 
But since there is no universal rule to stick to and also because a writer can poke her nose into like anything, may be once in a while, you should be self-complacent; that staying happy and content in having what you already have can be good for your health. May be for once in a while, having the sight of a seed is enough, no one should bury it, water it and allow it to grow into something else. The seed might be there because it is meant to be only a seed and it should not turn into a flower or a leaf, nor into a big entity such as a tree. If the seed is not getting nurtured, it may not slow its growth or cause it to die. If it remains what it is then may be...the life in it will stay intact forever, away from this world's prying eyes, curious eyes unnecessarily trying to …

Aditya's freedom from the pain and misery

Today in the wee hours, a happy kid of our society passed away. He was Aditya. I have seen him may be twice but had found him always smiling. My husband says Aditya loved to give Hi fives. All in all, the loss of such a lovely child is hard to express.

On the health note, Aditya was not a very lucky child. He suffered from Down Syndrome and had developed Cancer. Since 15 days he was admitted in the hospital and was recovering well until pneumonia caught him in its paws. The situation started to turn bad from worse and finally he could not cope up with anymore struggle and succumbed to the silence that his family is dealing with now. Just an hour ago we went to his house for offering condolence to his parents. Seeing their sad eyes and slouched figures made us shiver. I don't need to explain their situation here because any one can imagine. It's really really tough for them to spend days and nights now because Aditya was their 24/7 attention.

During our heartfelt mourning, Adi…

Humans and Nature side by side

Last week I was downstairs to have a walk. Times such as walks and work outs demand concentration. So I become very silent and concentrated in such time span. During my walk and somewhere between the music plugged into ears, I noticed the sight ahead of me. It got me curious. I can tell you a thing or two about being a writer. No matter what you do or what you say, where you go or where you come back from, you always have a third eye...a second perspective to the situation. Though the writer's hat is invisible to others yet it is always there on your head.
This was the sight I am talking 'bout:

While for others, it is something to do with the clean pavement and lights and buildings but no. If you look deeper you will find a hidden picture in this.
The sight is lined by two things: Left side by the Humans while Right one by the Nature. So different from each other yet standing side by side...letting the road connect them. While Humans are the ones full of so many impurities; i…

Outsourced motivation

This evening when I was done straining eyes on laptop, I decided to give the house a nice boost of clean up. The sight was such that it felt it was a dormitory of kids. Things scattered here and there, used plates, spoons, glasses staring at the ceiling (or may be to their God praying for the rescue team) on the coffee table and dining table, the swing burdened with cloths, TV remotes flung in places like they had just tolerated the torture of short, it was the space no sane person would like to see. Explaining the situation of my house, however I know, is not very wise to put forth a good image of myself here but as once my sister had said - a tidied up house is a sign of a wasted life - I can afford to live in a mess for a bunch of times.

So at the climax of the cleaning, I had a very interesting conversation with my son.

Son: Mumma! Would you like to be Rabindranath Tagore?

I: Tagore? As in the famous writer and a poet? Well, why would I like to be someone else. i'…

Appreciate yourself!

Taking a break from ~ 9 hours of working on the story. And once again, I am writing. That's the curse of being a writer. Writing becomes the pain while it continues to be the cure. 
Anyway... So how is your Monday preparing to pass out? In glee with loads of work? Or sleepy. still struggling to open eyes? If its the former, if you had started another week on a good note by completing  loads of work, it's time to pat your back. It's time to appreciate yourself. After all, at the end of the day, we all seek a heartfelt admiration for our honest efforts. Not every time you should wait for others to make you realize your worth by a certificate, degree, an award,  or any such token of appreciation. You can be your own cheerleader, or a merciful boss!
This li'l post reads so simple but if you do pat your back, you will realize you are not just appreciating the efforts you have put forth in the entire day but also carved out the upcoming path easier to walk on. Once the self…

Pop a question and enjoy the rest

Few days back, I wrote a post on Why smart phones are called so? The thought was spontaneous but worth thinking over.

Yesterday I popped the same Q. to my bestie over the phone. If I can say one thing about the conversation that followed, it was quite entertaining. This morning I asked the same to my husband on the breakfast table. He too went way deep to answer and this conversation too was a good show for me to sit back and enjoy.

If you give the Q. a minute, it will amaze you by its simplicity and complication at the same time. If you wish to know what was there in both the conversations I mentioned above that I enjoyed so much, ask it to the closest familiar person, and you will know. Let me give you a heads up until you find one.

First and the foremost, he will scrunch his face, thinking over the category of the Q. (like weird or interesting). Second, the answer will comprise of two most basic logic - that phones are compact, easy to carry, and they have calling facility. The…

Pick'A Book Club's First Ever Guest Talk

Yesterday (Feb 2nd, Thursday) in our book club, I had invited a special guest under its Guest Feature. Just as one book cannot give you all the knowledge, in the same way, I can't teach my club kids everything that they need to learn. Interacting with different minds, experiences and thought process give kids a huge plunge in their development, and that's the motive of our club: a healthy development.

Post some pondering, I finalized on Shanta S. Rao Aunty living in my block. She is an old lady but very jovial, friendly and with rich experience. I needed to introduce a face to which kids could relate easily and she seemed to be perfect for it. But before putting up the request, I was kind of skeptical whether she'd accept it. Task was easy but people are actually very shy in coming forward but much to my delight, Shanta Aunty immediately accepted my request to come and give a motivational talk on - 4 global faces that inspire us. We discussed the idea in length and at the…

Why smart phones are called so?

There was this idea for tonight's post but I seem to be forgetting it. With no additional grey hair in sight, I wonder why it's happening. Anyway, let's talk on something else.

Smart phones.

The name actually gets me curious. Why a simple device is being called smart? We have laptops and tablets, Play stations and Kindles. They are pretty smart as each of them offer an spectacular use of time but still they are the victim of some unknown prejudice. They work smart yet they are not being called Intelligent Laptop or Fun Tablet, Perfect Play Station or Kool Kindle.

When I come to think of it, only phones are being called smart because of one reason - That human needs it more than it needs us. That's why it is smart. Without getting under suspicion, phones are making us addictive and once it is done, the human gets dumb and it becomes smart. As simple as that! After all, it can never get a hang of us and thus, dumb.

I see around and find not only strangers but also close…

The silver lining of every relationship

Each relationship has a highlight, or you can say, a silver lining that shines when grey clouds are hovering and the sky has nothing to offer but thunder and chills. In simple words, every relationship is based on a particular trait, that makes it strong and binds the people in it together. A mother and daughter relationship is more about sharing; a father and daughters' is about protection; siblings offer a pleasant time while friendships are based on mutual respect and sharing space.

But the very foundation gets vague and versatile in nature when it comes to couples - married as well as live in. Every other relationship may fade over time but when it comes to the one you love deeply, it gets tough to identify the nature of the relationship. Sometimes it feels it is made up of love while at other times, it can be about respect, understanding, communication...and so on. But if both the ends are willingly tied together, it means there is something, a silver lining that gleams duri…