Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Your face is a treasure

Tomorrow is January 26th or Republic Day. The best thing about the day would be that it is also the day of my book club. We have the lucky opportunity to celebrate the occasion on the day itself and not previous to it (like we did for Christmas and New Year). I have planned special session for tomorrow. We will have book reading, some exciting craft work, special snacks and then a fun assignment designed and given only for the occasion. I hope kids to love it.

Talking about kids, let's talk about mine and something that he told me yesterday. I was busy in kitchen when he asked whether he could say a paragraph in Kannada. I said, alright and he did spoke a paragraph in good length, comprised of 7-8 lines. I was impressed with his progress however could not understand a single word. I asked and he patiently told me the meaning of each line. Put together and this will the gist:

Your face is a treasure. You have two eyes, two ears, one mouth, and one nose.

I said, yes but why our face is a treasure?

Because if you loose any of it, you can't get it back! 

Nice! That was indeed a pearl of wisdom shared by my kid. Now we know we all travel with a treasure and we must take care of each of them well.

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