Monday, 23 January 2017

Why we don't do what we like to do

It is often said - try other than your interest. But sometimes, the scenario flips and we hardly do what interests us. There are multiple examples to this. You know you love traveling yet you stick to the four walls of home. You love gardening yet the space outside the porch is yet to be filled with dirt and mud. You love reading yet you don't find time to hold onto a book. You enjoy fitness but hardly hit the gym or the nearby Yoga center. And the best one - You love talking to loved ones yet they complain you don't place a call to them anymore. Regular things yet we hardly do it. Why? Well, the question intrigued me a few days back and after discussing it with my bestie, we came up with 5 reasons backed up with some good logic.

1. Habitual Issue: Researches say that it takes almost 23 days for a new thing to turn into a habit which means - to get a new thing turn into a daily thing, it has to continue for at least 23 days. That's quite a lot but considering how long a life can be, it's fairly doable. We eat, brush, shower, talk and do other things without much thinking because they are our habits. But when we like a new thing, it still struggles to become a habit.

2. Comfort Zone: I love visiting places but if you ask me for a trip or a day out at a good resort, I will chicken out. My first reaction would be - Why and what for? What's the need? Let's stay back home. But the moment wind hits my face through the car window, the trip suddenly becomes the best thing to do. Getting out of the comfort zone is a challenge and that makes up for a pretty basic reason why it's hard to do what we like to do.

3. Surroundings/Parental Pressure: My bestie admitted that because of the parental pressure at a certain level during her childhood/teenage, she could not do things that she actually liked. She was good in academics but when it came to watch TV shows or talking to people or joining hobby classes, it was out of question. So surroundings affect us at a great extent. This also bars us to introduce new things in the daily routine.

That's the relationship with a new thing
4. Priority: Just last December I had purchased a little drawing copy so that I can draw simple sketches. I love sketching even though I admit my skills are equal to a four year old yet I like to wave my Pencil wand and create a little magic on a blank paper. New year started and the drawing copy is still blank and resting in a drawer. Priorities are a big challenge to set at first but once they are set, it's hard to make room for anything less important. May be that's why, we sometimes fail to do things that we like to do.

5. Discipline: It's one of the major factors of what we are discussing here. Somehow we decide to catapult the challenge and start a new thing. For a few days, it goes well and turns in a regular affair but soon enough, we get distracted. The execution was all good but it comes with high maintenance which, in other words, can be called Discipline. A lack of discipline will never allow one to go on with anything be it an already existing habit or a new one.

So far, these five points struck the strategy behind why it's difficult extending the perimeter of our preference circle. If you have any other point to share, feel free to drop a comment.

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