Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Why parents should learn the other half of the equation?

Parents. One word can swell your heart with the rainbow of emotions. No matter what you do or where you are, what you think or what you speak, which direction you go or have taken a deliberate pause, parents are always there...to love you, to support you, to lull you equally through successes and failures with their warm words and everlasting encouragement. There is just no end to the happiness and love shrunk in just a single simple word - Parents.

As a daughter, I adore mine. They have been there with me when everyone was there and they have also been there with me when no one was there. Weathers came and go, harsh times hit and left, memories turned good and bitter, I have found my precious set with me. And that's just more than what a kid can ask for!

By nature, they are Giving. So as a daughter, I am naturally much more in the receipt of their love and support than my brother (Poor him! Tch!). They just need an excuse to Give. Mine are pretty generous and sometimes it gets a little too much! I don't know how much I'll be able to explain my point/perspective here or at what extent you will agree with me but it is true! They only know how to Give while they should also learn how to Take/Accept. As a child, we surely want to show our share and level of love, support and understanding and it can only be a possibility on a fewer occasions. The child too can want to Give but not only Take. As for me, I love them too and that is why, I believe, they should also practice the act of accepting things from their children. By doing this, they will only be respecting your thought and the hidden warmth.

Parents must learn Accepting can make their child happy

Parents too, even when it is only once in a while, must leave the tower of higher responsibilities and step down to their kid's level. If the kid is willingly and only happy to give something, they should also see the emotions woven in that gift/return. And by accepting, they will only be encouraging their child to be a good human being...just as they are. If they are being good parents by giving away stuff, accepting something in return from the child will only balance the equation in the most apt sense. The child too would learn the virtue of Giving and not only the happiness in Receiving.

Somehow, this Giving and receiving thing is distracting me. It's taking me back to the episode of the epic series FRIENDS where Joey was appointed to get Monica and Chandler married and he had to perform the ministerial post. For that, he had to prepare a short speech for the audience and it turned out only about giving and receiving, giving and receiving. Well, that was a fun episode to watch but turning back in real life, I believe parents too should learn how to let their child feel wholesome by accepting his/her wishes and regards.

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