Friday, 13 January 2017

Soothing in the odd timing

2017 could not start on a better note. I fell sick on the very first day which continued to bless me for roughly one and a half weeks. I am still recuperating but chill! I am not here to portray how excellent life is to me. Instead, I am here to write a little moment that happened during my sickness.

Following the new year celebration came Thursday, the day of my book club. I run it at my home. I was still sick and sort of resting the whole day. My dear sister suggested me to cancel on the session and have some more rest. Only I know I was done resting. In fact, it was making me sicker! So I politely denied her concern and said, 'At least I'll have something to do.' As expected, I ran the club that day and it went pretty well. Not for a single moment did the sickness hover over me. I felt better during its slot. But the reality stuck in when it ended and all the kids said good bye. Suddenly I started feeling weak. The thing that had gone successful in holding me for an entire day was now done. Now I had nothing to look forward to. So the obvious prevailed.

I called my mother during those moments of sickness. It was I guess around 8 of the evening, pretty late to have a cup of tea. As it turned out, my mother too was having her cuppa. I told her that I am not feeling well and want to have a cup of tea for myself too but the timing feels very odd. She said,

'Go. Go and make some tea for yourself. You will feel better.'

And that was it! The fate of the hour was written and after five minutes, I was sitting by my balcony breathing in a warm aromatic cup of tea. I felt her presence right next to me and with every sip, I could sense the comfort of her hug. It did feel good.

Now sitting again by the same place, I miss my mother and her warm words, her presence and those motherly skills of knowing how to soothe her child. I wish I could see her right now. If the years of togetherness do not challenge me at this moment, she must be having her first cup of the day. She is as addicted to it as I am growing to be.

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