Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pihu and our world

This evening when the tingling taste of filter coffee on my tongue pulled me to my neighbor's house, time seemed to fly with wings. We enjoyed those moments as usual. When bhabhi was busy in making dinner for us, I thought to utilize the time with their pet - a little fish in a reasonably large aquarium. I love aquariums! And those colorful beautiful fishes wandering in it. There was only one in that tank. I occupied the small stool next to it and observed the different species taking dives depicting the highs and lows of life.

The bulge on her head is pretty unusual. She seemed charming but the little balloon like structure was eye catching. Then my neighbor told me about the fish and the bulge on her head. He then got busy in something while I still decided to continue giving my company to the lone fish. A wordless aimlessly wandering creature can be so beautiful...so innocent looking. By nature, her mouth was open all the time to catch oxygen. I kept thinking about her - what she might be thinking or doing being all alone in a big pool of water? Does she get bored? Does she crave for a company in there? What a fish can teach us about life? How can we, the humans, relate to it?

I waited for a profound thought to hit me. It didn't happen...until I got busy in conversations with my neighbors once again. Just like that fish and her fish tank, we all are wandering aimlessly in the big pool of air, not knowing whether we are alone or we have a true company, whether do we care about others, or whether do we roam to catch a glimpse of air (read - Hope) with an open mouth (read- mind). My neighbor told me that this particular fish is good for Vaastu, specifically the bulge on her head which gets astonishingly larger as she grows up into an adult. She is just 4-5 months old right now. Then I thought, does she know that? That she is good for someone's home? I don't think so. Nor do I think a beautiful little fish should be made responsible of bringing fortune somewhere. Pets usually bring happiness and cure many ailments but I don't think they should be categorized for bringing luck. These are just my personal thoughts which I normally keep to myself.

Anyways, before dinner was cooked, we all named that fish. It was my request, of course. After Hermoine, Piku, Clickety, and others, we finally zeroed in for - Pihu. I think it's a nice name for such a beautiful fish. But then again, does she know that? I don't think so. :)

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