Monday, 30 January 2017

Lost and Found

Human life goes on and so does go on a million things alongside. Among these, it's hard to realize when the one gets lost. That leads to the big Q. - Can the lost one be traced and finally found?

In the density of grey clouds
Lost a star its ability to astound;
Behind the curtain of city's air pollution
How much possible is to breathe and run?
In the illusion of a mirage in the desert
One finds Hope hanging for a second;
Amid rising buildings, egos and clarity
is hard to trace the subtle gravity;
In the generosity of a chilly morning
warmth of a sun ray gets missing;
Within the layers of the bed sheet 
is present the human but not the heat;
The pen is filled with ink
but words are invisible, hardly spilled;
Pay checks are pleasing 
yet money can't buy everything;
Everything is present, everything is there
but why does it feel ludicrous, each emotion exposed and bare?
Simply b'cause one can't find the extent of destruction
until the one starts re-construction;
But in the middle of rubble, dust, cement and ground
Can the lost one be traced and finally found?

By Priyanka Baranwal

P.S. All the poems written on my blog are purely imagined and composed by me until I mention otherwise. Some of my creations end with my name while some have their own endings.

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