Monday, 16 January 2017

Do you deserve what you ask for?

When Dumbledore rectified himself to Harry Potter, saying, 'Help comes to those who deserve it!', he put forward a very profound thought. With the help of a character, Rowling sure has given a lot just by a single sentence!

Help comes to those who deserve it!

We often have wishes and desires ready to be fulfilled any time. If you leave the materialistic perspective /worldly pleasures, this will be the list of what one can usually ask for - peace of mind, salvation, redemption, coin but many faces. These wishes are so strong that they actually get a shape of another human being inside us. We keep breathing them every single day but before asking for such, have we ever thought whether we are worthy or qualified for it? Do we have what it takes to handle our wishes?

A bizarre but another thing to ponder about. When some wishes get true, it means we have become worthy of them; that we have put enough efforts and dedication to be in the receipt of such rewards. But when some desires are left in open to dry out and puff away then there might be something that's stopping it to get done. May be if we put our souls in a fix direction, with all true intentions and honest efforts, the chances of the unfulfilled to get completed may enhance by a level or two. I am not saying or guaranteeing anything here. Because I have seen that no matter how many of genuine efforts you grate yourself for or how much you dictate the soul in a particular direction, or how much legitimate you are to the situation, some of them still go up and find their own oblivion.

But that must not stop us to stay true to ourselves, and to the others! If you are true to your soul, if you will to instigate as much efforts as it is required, if it is not only the heart but also the soul demanding for the fulfillment then you may get the help! Your call may get answered with a cheerful Hello.

All you need to do is - to be deserving for what you ask.

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