Thursday, 19 January 2017

Aceept the way life is.

With Priyanka Chopra winning People's Choice Award for the second time and then the interview where she was asked whether she is scared of newly elected Donald Trump as US president, she has said to be nailing it everywhere. Any news related to her wits and she nails it like anything. It has started to feel like whether she has humongous nails to prick and trick everything. Don't get me wrong. It's just a compliment for her admirable personality. I am a big fan of her.

A light prelude was needed to commence something here. 2016 did not end up on a good note for several reasons and one of them was - the death of my bestie's mother. As it turned out, my friend was unable to cope with the sudden loss. The evening she told me was Thursday, the day of my book club. Right after two minutes of its beginning she called to tell me the news. She had clearly forgotten about my club. I listened in horror and tried my best to soothe her. I too was going through some difficult times at that stage and could easily relate with her pain and the agony. We talked for five minutes and then I had to resume my club. I can't ignore it.

She still is finding it extremely challenging to go about daily struggles. We talked and chatted whenever it was possible. She lives abroad or else we'd have been together through such difficult times. Every time we talked, she was sad and withdrawn, had forgotten the simple act of smiling. I kept feeling bad and was guilt ridden of being unable to ease her pain. But a few days ago when we talked, I found her smiling and laughing. I was surprised nonetheless delighted to see the transition. I asked and she said -

No one can forget their mother. Take it 30 or 60 years, those memories will stay with you no matter what. If this is going to happen then I need to accept it and try to live. Being sad is not going to help anyway, especially when you have a family!

What a beautiful sentence - I need to accept it and try to live. Only she knows the pain she has been going through yet she spoke with such positivism. Now she talks, smiles and laughs during our conversations and says I am her life-line. Well, the thing is mutual. But the relief I get by getting to see her trying to put two and two together and make each day wholesome by fulfilling responsibilities is inexplicable. I know her brave face is only a mask over an aching heart, her smile is only a souvenir of moments she spent crying for her mother, and her laughter is nothing but another push to make another day livable but that indeed serves the purpose of handling the tragedy well within the perimeter of human capacities.

Peace of mind is so much needed to live and I wish a whole lot of it for her.

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