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Lost and Found

Human life goes on and so does go on a million things alongside. Among these, it's hard to realize when the one gets lost. That leads to the big Q. - Can the lost one be traced and finally found?
In the density of grey clouds Lost a star its ability to astound; Behind the curtain of city's air pollution How much possible is to breathe and run? In the illusion of a mirage in the desert One finds Hope hanging for a second; Amid rising buildings, egos and clarity is hard to trace the subtle gravity; In the generosity of a chilly morning warmth of a sun ray gets missing; Within the layers of the bed sheet  is present the human but not the heat;
The pen is filled with ink
but words are invisible, hardly spilled; Pay checks are pleasing  yet money can't buy everything; Everything is present, everything is there but why does it feel ludicrous, each emotion exposed and bare? Simply b'cause one can't find the extent of destruction until the one starts re-construction; B…

Hard work counts!

If last few years could teach me one thing that would frankly be -  Hard work counts! while luck hardly matters; Prayers seldom come handy if there is dearth in efforts but if there is an abundance of the latter you would save much time on prayers; So work hard, put in more efforts challenge the self, raise the bar  handle the nerve, kick the hurdles call upon the monster, fight the demons; Do these and a little more life is insatiable, always wanting more Suck up all the hatred, the loneliness and give in to the dream called Success.

भारत की अद्वितीय स्वर्णिम गाथा

देश का संविधान रचा गया इस दिन  अधिकारों को वाणी का प्रदान हुआ, जो देश था कभी ज़जीरों में जकड़ा आज है आज़ाद, बुलंद मुस्कुराता हुआ;

मुस्कुरा रहा आज हर वो नागरिक  जिसे गर्व है अपने भारत की मिट्टी पर,
फ़िक्र बस इतनी सी है, दोस्तों!

 आँच ना आ जाए संविधान के मान पर;
'पूर्ण स्वराज' के नारों का परिणाम  असंख्य भारतियों के बलिदान का अंजाम  अधिकारों और नियमों का मात्र दस्तावेज़ ही नहीं  वरन है हमारा संविधान  हर भारतीय का गौरव, शान और अभिमान!
जो आसमां तेरा है वही मेरा भी है  जो धरती तेरी है वही मेरी भी है, तो चलो मिटा दें भेद-भाव के जंगल को  न रहे कोई फ़र्क पुरुष और स्त्री के अधिकारों में, समर्पित कर दें खुद को 'जय भारत' के नारों में  और भारत की अद्वितीय स्वर्णिम गाथा में। 
- प्रियंका बरनवाल 
गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

Your face is a treasure

Tomorrow is January 26th or Republic Day. The best thing about the day would be that it is also the day of my book club. We have the lucky opportunity to celebrate the occasion on the day itself and not previous to it (like we did for Christmas and New Year). I have planned special session for tomorrow. We will have book reading, some exciting craft work, special snacks and then a fun assignment designed and given only for the occasion. I hope kids to love it.

Talking about kids, let's talk about mine and something that he told me yesterday. I was busy in kitchen when he asked whether he could say a paragraph in Kannada. I said, alright and he did spoke a paragraph in good length, comprised of 7-8 lines. I was impressed with his progress however could not understand a single word. I asked and he patiently told me the meaning of each line. Put together and this will the gist:

Your face is a treasure. You have two eyes, two ears, one mouth, and one nose.

I said, yes but why our face…

Why parents should learn the other half of the equation?

Parents. One word can swell your heart with the rainbow of emotions. No matter what you do or where you are, what you think or what you speak, which direction you go or have taken a deliberate pause, parents are always love you, to support you, to lull you equally through successes and failures with their warm words and everlasting encouragement. There is just no end to the happiness and love shrunk in just a single simple word - Parents.

As a daughter, I adore mine. They have been there with me when everyone was there and they have also been there with me when no one was there. Weathers came and go, harsh times hit and left, memories turned good and bitter, I have found my precious set with me. And that's just more than what a kid can ask for!

By nature, they are Giving. So as a daughter, I am naturally much more in the receipt of their love and support than my brother (Poor him! Tch!). They just need an excuse to Give. Mine are pretty generous and sometimes it gets a…

Why we don't do what we like to do

It is often said - try other than your interest. But sometimes, the scenario flips and we hardly do what interests us. There are multiple examples to this. You know you love traveling yet you stick to the four walls of home. You love gardening yet the space outside the porch is yet to be filled with dirt and mud. You love reading yet you don't find time to hold onto a book. You enjoy fitness but hardly hit the gym or the nearby Yoga center. And the best one - You love talking to loved ones yet they complain you don't place a call to them anymore. Regular things yet we hardly do it. Why? Well, the question intrigued me a few days back and after discussing it with my bestie, we came up with 5 reasons backed up with some good logic.

1. Habitual Issue: Researches say that it takes almost 23 days for a new thing to turn into a habit which means - to get a new thing turn into a daily thing, it has to continue for at least 23 days. That's quite a lot but considering how long a li…

Aceept the way life is.

With Priyanka Chopra winning People's Choice Award for the second time and then the interview where she was asked whether she is scared of newly elected Donald Trump as US president, she has said to be nailing it everywhere. Any news related to her wits and she nails it like anything. It has started to feel like whether she has humongous nails to prick and trick everything. Don't get me wrong. It's just a compliment for her admirable personality. I am a big fan of her.

A light prelude was needed to commence something here. 2016 did not end up on a good note for several reasons and one of them was - the death of my bestie's mother. As it turned out, my friend was unable to cope with the sudden loss. The evening she told me was Thursday, the day of my book club. Right after two minutes of its beginning she called to tell me the news. She had clearly forgotten about my club. I listened in horror and tried my best to soothe her. I too was going through some difficult time…

Pihu and our world

This evening when the tingling taste of filter coffee on my tongue pulled me to my neighbor's house, time seemed to fly with wings. We enjoyed those moments as usual. When bhabhi was busy in making dinner for us, I thought to utilize the time with their pet - a little fish in a reasonably large aquarium. I love aquariums! And those colorful beautiful fishes wandering in it. There was only one in that tank. I occupied the small stool next to it and observed the different species taking dives depicting the highs and lows of life.

The bulge on her head is pretty unusual. She seemed charming but the little balloon like structure was eye catching. Then my neighbor told me about the fish and the bulge on her head. He then got busy in something while I still decided to continue giving my company to the lone fish. A wordless aimlessly wandering creature can be so innocent looking. By nature, her mouth was open all the time to catch oxygen. I kept thinking about her - what …

Do you deserve what you ask for?

When Dumbledore rectified himself to Harry Potter, saying, 'Help comes to those who deserve it!', he put forward a very profound thought. With the help of a character, Rowling sure has given a lot just by a single sentence!

Help comes to those who deserve it!

We often have wishes and desires ready to be fulfilled any time. If you leave the materialistic perspective /worldly pleasures, this will be the list of what one can usually ask for - peace of mind, salvation, redemption, coin but many faces. These wishes are so strong that they actually get a shape of another human being inside us. We keep breathing them every single day but before asking for such, have we ever thought whether we are worthy or qualified for it? Do we have what it takes to handle our wishes?

A bizarre but another thing to ponder about. When some wishes get true, it means we have become worthy of them; that we have put enough efforts and dedication to be in the receipt of such rewards. But wh…

The icing of Hope on Saturday

There is happiness in little things When I see my club kids smiling,  When I look at my Guitar resting Or, when I am scribbling down something I do find it's only true that - there is happiness in little things;
So what if there is a windy storm outside so what if if there is one inside life does not stop, time does not run out They keep going, they keep running until we stop giving up, get up and go out!
Another day begins while many more awaits What's going to happen next, is tricky to say But the dream I just saw during my warm sleep Did feel real, the hope sweeping me away So it is with Hope that I begin this Saturday. 
- Priyanka Baranwal

Soothing in the odd timing

2017 could not start on a better note. I fell sick on the very first day which continued to bless me for roughly one and a half weeks. I am still recuperating but chill! I am not here to portray how excellent life is to me. Instead, I am here to write a little moment that happened during my sickness.

Following the new year celebration came Thursday, the day of my book club. I run it at my home. I was still sick and sort of resting the whole day. My dear sister suggested me to cancel on the session and have some more rest. Only I know I was done resting. In fact, it was making me sicker! So I politely denied her concern and said, 'At least I'll have something to do.' As expected, I ran the club that day and it went pretty well. Not for a single moment did the sickness hover over me. I felt better during its slot. But the reality stuck in when it ended and all the kids said good bye. Suddenly I started feeling weak. The thing that had gone successful in holding me for an en…

स्वयम का सार

संध्या के इस मध्यम अँधेरे में जब नज़रें ऊपर उठीं
तो गहरे काले बादलों के बीच चमकते घरों को पाया
टिमटिमाती रौशनी के बीच जीवन के तत्त्व को पाया;
थोड़ा और ऊपर देखा तो स्याह आसमां में भी
कुछ अजीब सी दिलकश बात दिखी!
वह गहरी काली चादर कहीं से फटी तो कहीं से खुली थी
और उसमें से झलकता था चन्द्रमा का मंद प्रकाश,
'प्रकाश' जो उम्मीद का आधार है
जिसे बांधा नहीं जा सकता जिसे पाया नहीं जा सकता ,
जो अभेद्य है जो अनंत है, थोड़ा सुगम तो कुछ दुर्गम है
जिसकी चुटकी भर से बुझते दिए में प्राण आ जाए
जिसकी ख़ामोशी ही बिन कहे सब कुछ कह जाए;
ऐसे ही मंद झीने प्रकाश को उस अभिन्न बादलों में
बेसाख्ता चहलकदमी करते हुए पाया;
कहकहों के बीच अपने वजूद का एहसास कराते पाया;
यूँ तो दिन भर गुज़र गया पाई पाई के हिसाब में
मगर स्वयम का सार और बुझती लौ में शक्ति का संचार
संध्या की इन्ही चंद मिनटों में ही मिल पाया।

 - प्रियंका बरनवाल

Everyone needs a healer

Everyone needs a healer not a doctor, not an engineer , not a plumber, not even a fixer but a healer, a real honest savior;
For me, it's my buddy, Guitar When I plucked in the balcony  played through several songs (and I also chose to sing) somewhere it felt a piece of peace a flash, hard to pick anywhere else it felt a grave filling up with the fine dust of hopeless hope The breeze passing through me and my buddy felt welcoming as if opening its arms  and taking us in  while I kept playing slowly embracing the wind with its own song and melody This little piece of the day was golden golden enough to make me some happy.

My son, Ashmit's, performance on Dec. 31st 2016

My son - Ashmit - along with one of my club kids - Devashish - performed a group dance on Dec. 31st 2016. We all loved it!

When I performed on 31st eve of 2016...

Me performing on the 31st eve of 2016. I really love playing on my Guitar.

Sang a bit too!