Monday, 22 February 2016

The old golden days of letters.

I remember the time when mobile phones were a piece of luxury and not a part of the intricacies of daily lifestyle. Telephones were the common grandfather in all households, fixed at one corner, blessing anyone who needed to talk to someone far away. I also remember we used to have a Caller I.D. machine delicately attached to the telephone set so that we could retrieve the identification of callers, to back up last 10 calls and a little few more magics could be done with that small square shaped box. This was the time when I was very little but young enough to know how to communicate through words - Letters. And with letters I mean hand-written scribbled pages not mails composed on computers.

Those days, letters were like a big giant sun; blinding everyone under its effect. It was another strongest and probably the most cherishing way of communication. I loved writing them and was skilled in many ways. I would write every letter with loads of love and attachment. For a person like me, I can never write to anyone with whom I have less of an affection. So the person at the receiving end of my letters would always feel special and smile over the ways I had addressed things on the pages. Those were good times when we inevitably had to show our love and concern this way. This memory, in fact, is another unforgettable page from my life.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hug yourself!

When no one is around
and you feel lost and found
Hug yourself!
When it's damn freezing cold
and you need some warmth
Hug yourself!
When the grief overpowers you
and you don't know what else to do;
When tears roll down the cheeks
and the silent moon stares at you
Hug yourself!
When you need some strength
and there are no arms to find a home into;
When you have to live with cuts and bruises
and you have somehow lost the ointment
Hug yourself!
When there is no people around
and absolutely no one to make a sound;
When you see the bunch of birds flying
and you watch with a longing in eyes
Hug yourself!
Because, sometimes, it is not about others
Sometimes, it can be about you
the one and only you;
When you realize you can't win over this world
And you just need to win over yourself
Go on! Hug yourself!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

When you think you have love, think again.

When your love partner asks this Q. - Will you, leave me? Ever?, your answer comes almost immediately -

No! Never!

How easy does it sound? And how romantic as well? Isn't it? But what happens next? You probably would have never thought about it but certainly have faced its consequences involuntarily.

Despite of such beautiful blinded-by-love question, the future of relationship gets enmeshed by imbalanced insecurities, icy ignorances, multiple misunderstandings, spiked conversations, lack of love and respect and not to mention, myriads of arguments and accusations and you keep wondering what went wrong. Well, this can be the story of any house or every house.

What happened? Sometime ago, everything was alright but now? Things have gotten drastically changed and you keep failing to pinpoint the trigger while it had always been there, bare in the day light and shining in the moon light.

In your answer - No! Never!

During the first few years of any relationship, nothing is binding more than love and its huge in amount.You do anything and everything to save it, preserve and secure it. And with huge love comes huge insecurity (Well, this sentence can go well with - With great power comes great responsibility). That's what ushers you to ask this Q. over and over again and when you keep receiving a very positive answer, you tend to get careless. The earlier eagerness and will to keep working on your relationship to keep it intact start to fade away without any prior notice. And it's not unnatural!

When one gets the desirable without any effort, why on earth would you care to work on it? The unachievable fascinates us and when we have the achievable, yeah! That kills the fascination and gives birth to stupid insecurities and hence, the above Q.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Just imagine!

 Standing in my balcony looking at few stars
The night seems to be having some rest too!
 Unperturbed, uninterrupted wild space
Gets envied by many, including me too;
Somehow I wish one single night could be a whole life
Without having the pause of day and night;
Just darkness pricked by shots of breeze and fluffy clouds
With moon shining bright and talking in shouts;
Just imagine!
How wonderful it would be!
Lights will stay on and so will the radio
Mornin' will never get to say 'Hello!' 
There will be desserts post dinners and pillows to sleep
No knocks on the door, no poking neighbors to keep!
How a one single night can change everything!
Just imagine!
As the thought progresses, the idea amazes me
Does it speak to you too or it does just to me?
Ideas of countless night outs and 'night picnics' to gather
Where some cheeky anticipation of a secret kiss can be the invader;
There will be dark but it will be called shades of light
Because human is positive and loves to see everything bright;
So the dark would be bright and night would be the light
Now I am having difficulty in getting what's day and what's night!
Funny it may sound while the idea is worth pondering
Has many coveted dreams and onset of true being;
But until it becomes true
'Let's call it a night!', my dear you!
Close the eyes and smile on the lips
'Cause morning awaits you very soon, yes!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Don't turn into an Esther.

This Monday, I finally finished The Zahir by Coelho. Oh! It is heart-touching and a very exhaustive read. Whether I liked it or not, whether I wanted or not, I always ended up learning a few new lessons about life, relationships, myself and author's perspectives on few fronts. I wonder how Coelho managed to weave such a binding story in just six months. It's an amazing read with a little bit of overly-expressed drama and high dose of imagination but over all, it's worth reading and I am glad this piece is a proud part of my collection.

A mirror to life, may be?!

So, talking about the title, Esther is the female protagonist and wife of the author, the male protagonist. Put it together in simple, the author and Esther are husband-wife. Surprisingly, Coelho has not given any name to his author protagonist (I am going to ask this personally by sending him a message on Twitter). I only noticed and scratched my head over this when I was at its final pages and somehow wanted to know his name. I still wonder the poor chap does not have a name of his own in the story though being the narrator of it. Tch!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

When a random musing turned into a game.

My parents gave me a visit this January where we went to Madurai-Rameshwaram-Thanjavur trip. The trip was beautiful to say the least and with parents, needlessly one of the most memorable trips.

When we were heading to Thanjavur (i.e. Tanjour as many people call it) and during the fun talks and snoozing and snacking on the way, I started something on a lighter note which, later on, turned into something serious and a very memorable thing. In other words I can say that, it bloomed into a very beautiful idea which transpired not only the warmth among us but also it got us listening to how partners look at each other.

I asked my sister's husband that since their first wedding anniversary is at doorstep, tell us three things that you like about my sister. Okay! So this was very unexpected and he got a bit nervous but being a sporty spirit, he took the challenge (not that talking about my sister's virtues are a challenge but coming it up with in positive attitude in front of his in-laws was a challenge though.:) ) But he expressed fairly well which we listened and enjoyed. Then he rolled the same ball over to my husband and asked the same Q.

And soon, a random musing turned into a well-thought curious game. We all passed the question to one another. Well, you can also call it Pass the question (like another popular game Pass the parcel goes but with different rules, of course). When we were done, I thought the game was done. I didn't think my parents would also be interested in such a kiddy game hence I didn't ask. But my sister's husband (dared and) asked the same question to my father. And when he started speaking, I admit there were tears in my eyes at one point.

He said (after a short precise lecture on husband-wife relationship)-

Saturday, 6 February 2016

What nomads teach us.

Currently reading The Zahir from Coelho, I came upon a very interesting perspective.

In order to live fully, it is necessary to be in constant movement.

It comes when Esther goes to an old man to understand why people are unhappy and during reciting his answer, the old man says the above. He tells about nomads. That they keep moving; that they prefer the movement every day. This way, their each day is different. This way, they don't suffer from past and live fully in the present.

When they (nomads) come to cities and look at it, they think all people are poor in the sense they keep struggling with things which, in reality, are not of much importance to them. And when the city people look at nomads, they think they have no fixed place to live and thus, they are poor.

Similar perspective but from two different angles.

But what the old man wants to reveal here is - Movement is necessary. Physical movement is not possible at all times but one can sure visit farther and farther places spiritually (well, this catches my attention again.)

Now if I discuss this point with you, do you really believe movement is important so that our days can be different and meaningful than their precedents? Do you really think having no past and just living in present can make you happy?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

When I got replaced from my position.

Having siblings has equal share of benefits and losses. And here I am to talk about a pleasant experience I had yesterday with my little sister.

During sometime yesterday afternoon, we were talking and discussing a few things which are common between us. Usually I used to preach about the subject but yesterday the reverse happened! And it amazed me to no end. This time, my little sister was making me understand a few things and was being fairly persistent about them. Not only these but she also went on suggesting new ideas to me. Firstly I kept replying but soon I stopped. I observed how much concerned she was getting for me and how swiftly she had replaced me from my position. She was playing the role of a big sister while I preferred just to listen to her and bow my head in obedience.

It felt so nice at the moment that I was literally smiling on phone, however, I did not tell her about my feelings. At times, I feel some things should be kept in heart to preserve their life. And when the time is right then only I prefer to say it.

At the end, I agreed to all of her suggestions and promised to follow. I even teased her by calling her grandmother. She laughed before continuing the same I-am-concerned-for-you saga. Jokes apart. It feels really good to have a sister like her and I am proud of it.