Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Golden Room

The room illuminated with nothing but the glow of heater,
fixing the wall, doors, cloths and everything golden in color,
night is retreating like a tsunami wave, on back foot at first
only to come back as a hypnotic gaze but with a raging thrust;

The goldenness of the light around makes time still
letting the waves of memories enjoy the tranquil,
few days went simply by staying on back foot,
was it only to come back with a churning in loop?

the strength the power the force, everything makes it dizzy
blurred sight, devastated senses and heart so sloppy,
the wave finally takes over as it laps down the eyes,
now wet cheeks get a gentle pat of a soft smile;

a smile with no complaints but only acceptance,
droplets sliding down the face without a reason,
among all the biggies, Why stands tallest of all,
wish someone could answer it, without judging at all!

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