Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A pleasant Indigo experience

If you loved reading the poem above, you'd sure enjoy the story behind it. So let me be a short non-fiction story-teller for you.

Very recently I traveled through the Indigo airline. I am a frequent Indigo flier and prefer their services as they are nicer than the rest. I was on Delhi to Bangalore flight. The total air time of this particular flight is almost 2.7 hours. Not soon after the air craft took off did my son put on a show of watching a movie. I tried but all went in vein. I had to take out my laptop. Secretly I was glad for finding a way to kill the annoying boredom. We finally resorted for Angry Birds but after sometime, it appeared boring to me while my kid kept enjoying the movie with an envious concentration.

The boredom slowly started to grow on me. Even music could not offer any help. So my final savior was - Guess what? - Writing! Yes. I fished out my little pad and a pen from the purse and started a poem. I guess within ten minutes I was ready with one. But to complete it, I needed to know the height we were at. So I summoned an air hostess and put forward my query. She answered and then asked whether I was collecting some information. I said, no! I am making a poem. She was surprised and then we had a little chit chat about poems and reading habits. It was nice to hear she loved reading too. Afterwards, she went away to go about her job and I finally got to complete the poem. Not to boast myself but I was quite amused over how it had turned out. After a few minutes, the same air hostess dropped by my seat (without me pressing the call button) and asked:

Monday, 26 December 2016

My new venture - Pick'A Book Club - For Kids

This one probably will be the last blog post of this year. I am too busy to find time and write about every single event that's keeping me in a constant run but that's what I like to do - being super busy! And by speaking of it, I have got my New Year Resolution (NYR) - Being busy through out 2017. Simple, yes but highly recommended.

As the end of another year, it's getting a little worse. Terrible events one after the another are enough to drown a soul nicely and now I don't think I have anymore energy left to handle one more in the series. So let's have a merry chit-chat about a fraction of my busy life.

I have started a book club at my home. A book club is a dedicated space for the intended crowd designed majorly for Book Reading. Since I am a reader myself and the owner of a little library, it's hard for the importance of reading to escape. Hence, to encourage my society kids to get into the habit of book reading, I started this venture. It started on December 1st this year and may I dare say that it's going well! Kids and their parents are loving it. And above all, I love doing it too! It's very important to love what you do. Like I love writing, playing on my First Crush and now this book club start up. The idea is supposed to be permanent. but hey! Let's hear the name of my club. It is - Pick'A Book Club - For Kids. Nice name, isn't it? My friends and family helped me selecting it.

Click on this link Pick'A Book Club - For Kids to have a canvas of pictures taken through out the last four sessions. Fifth and the last of this month is on its way though. In those four sessions, we had multiple book readings, fun activities preceded by healthy snacks. I thought adding some fun but skilled activities will help kids learn many things viz. benefits of reading, basics of friendship, handling issues such as bullying and shyness, communication, networking, building confidence, breaking inhibitions and developing self-esteem etc. The list is endless, if you think of it. But the amazing fact about this book club is that, I too learn quite a lot in the process. It may sound simple to have a session with kids but it goes as tough as it sounds. Handling a batch of kids of different ages is a challenge! Many-a-times, you have to be sporty and thoughtful on spot. If one kid is teasing the other and the latter is not liking it, you are expected to solve the issue in a friendly way. You see, you have to be much more soft spoken, well in communication and in control than the normal. Thankfully, there are no complaints but all praise so far. My basic aim for running this book club is to consider it more as a responsibility and then I will be able to run it efficiently. I love every part of it!

Just last Thursday we had Christmas celebration. It was a total fun and an unforgettable evening for kids as well as for me.

Now that I have my writings, First Crush to strum on, and the book club - I feel blessed. They keep me amazingly busy and I have no complaints. I wouldn't know what to do/how to survive if life wasn't a sum of these activities.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Golden Room

The room illuminated with nothing but the glow of heater,
fixing the wall, doors, cloths and everything golden in color,
night is retreating like a tsunami wave, on back foot at first
only to come back as a hypnotic gaze but with a raging thrust;

The goldenness of the light around makes time still
letting the waves of memories enjoy the tranquil,
few days went simply by staying on back foot,
was it only to come back with a churning in loop?

the strength the power the force, everything makes it dizzy
blurred sight, devastated senses and heart so sloppy,
the wave finally takes over as it laps down the eyes,
now wet cheeks get a gentle pat of a soft smile;

a smile with no complaints but only acceptance,
droplets sliding down the face without a reason,
among all the biggies, Why stands tallest of all,
wish someone could answer it, without judging at all!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

UNICEF Tiny Stories

Recently I was invited to be a part of Tiny Stories, a worldwide initiative marking 70 years of UNICEF's social existence. For more details, please click the link: UNICEF Tiny Stories.

The initiative is about fantasizing a world for every child i.e. what kind of world I'd like for every child. It could be posted in the form of a tiny story, a poem, thoughts or a little paragraph. It just has to fulfill the need aptly. So here is the poem I created.

Picking up a Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the shelf

Priya looked beyond the book and herself,

Found two twinkling eyes shining on a hopeless face

A tiny figure looming over the bookshop’s glass pane;

Gifting the book to the needy child, she saw his emotions go wild,

Striding away with another copy of the same series,

She wished a world where there is a book for every child.

P.S. Delighted and honored to write for a platform where my all time inspiration, Paulo Coelho, as well has stepped up to. I am also glad for a big organization such as UNICEF continuing to work for the rights and benefits of children. Let's just not imagine but create a world where every child is happy, well nourished and gets what he or she deserves the best.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A brave soul

My Tau ji (uncle) got expired yesterday afternoon! The news came shocking! I was practicing on my Guitar for Dec. 31st performance when my husband called and informed me. I was taken aback! It was hard to believe. It still is.

I guess at this time of the morning, they must be taking his body to the cremation spot. I could not see him last time. Since no ticket was available for today, we have got our flight tickets done for tomorrow. Lots of family members and relatives have already arrived at my native. They must be mourning right now. I feel awful! Really terrible! How much my sister and I wanted our tau ji to come to our Bangalore homes and stay with us. His plan was almost fixed but something came in between and all our planning and shared enthusiasm went in vain. But if he had come here, at least we could have spent a little more time with him and listen to his talks and made him feel special in our ways. 

Last night before I fell asleep, memories deluged me with an unexpected force. I thought about how he cared for me and how his business and family were above everything. Tears rolled down at sweet memories while I sobbed realizing there won't be any of them anymore. I was his favorite of all my sisters and he always made sure to bring me something whenever he traveled. Now I will stay devoid of his special edition love and care much like my grandmother's.