Friday, 11 November 2016

The twinkling of hope.

I was on the terrace this evening after long time. It was almost six. I thought to carry along my Kindle but thought the better of it. It was already getting dark and reading in the dark means having company of the bunch of mosquitoes. So I went up alone, just to ponder over a few things.

I don't know why but since many days, there were no stars in the sky. The moon appears for its usual appointment but no stars could be seen. A sky with no stars somehow perplexes me, I don't like the sky without stars. But when I went up this eve, I saw one, a tiny but bright one twinkling into the vastness of sky. The moon was almost half full and hung proudly making its present quite vividly felt but that star made its presence felt too, despite of its small size.

I was submerged in a few thoughts when I looked up only to find that star and it brought a smile on my face. I stared at it wholeheartedly and felt the perseverance in the virtue of its nature regardless of its only presence in the sky. Its constant shine was an example of no matter the size of challenge, you can still shine and make your presence felt; that you have the power to turn big dreams into reality. Just keep working at it.

It felt as if it was transcending its light into me. I felt better, and nice! Exactly what I wanted at the moment. Thirty more minutes of walking, pondering and talking to the self, time had come to get back home.

I too happen to have a big dream and I intend to work hard and tirelessly to achieve it one day, and something tells me that if I keep the twinkling of hope alight, that day will surely come. 

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