Friday, 4 November 2016

Friday fun with Grisham.

'At some point in life, everybody thinks about walking away. Life's always better on the beach or in the mountains. Problems can be left behind. It's inbred in us.' - The Partner

A day can be turned beautiful if you have right book in hands written by the author you already love. It's Friday and the day turned special with The Partner by John Grisham. When I read its last page on my Kindle, I was taken aback! The story of Patrick Lanigan has already pulled my attention enough but it was The end that got my senses mutilated and dumb for a full minute. That means it took some time to understand the kind of end Grisham has not spoke about directly. And then the whole day (still going on) kept illuminating. Because I loved the novel! The speed with which it's written between the slides of truth and deceit, I enjoyed each one of them. 

You can say that some writers have that radioactive effect in their writing style that keep the reader illuminating even when the novel is done and finalized. Grisham is one of them. I adore Coelho! His writing has this earthy feeling.And now I seem to adore Grisham as well. For his attention to details, generosity to introduce sub-plots and crisp narrative. Although I never knew my interest could be evoked to the liking of laws and criminal cases but now I like them, thanks to him. Such should be the effect of an author, to evoke new interests in the reader and opening new doors to entertainment.

And by the way, I love his blue eyes too.

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