Saturday, 12 November 2016

Ask before you go judgemental.

This evening I spent time with the President of my society regarding an issue. He is a very jovial, good natured and an extremely friendly man. He listens patiently and then responds accordingly. So I already knew my issue was going to be address in a very calm and precise manner.

I went and addressed him as Mr. President to which he laughed. I said:

'Mr. President! I have come with a society issue and I must discuss this with you right now.'

He finished his phone call and listened and then assured me the issue will addressed very promptly. I was satisfied. And then we started discussing on other issues and then I came to know how many issues are there for him and his association members to address on the daily basis. Tomorrow is a very important planting ceremony in our society. This is to make earth go more green as well as to encourage kids about the environment. For a normal resident like me, I thought it's an easy peasy task. We will just have to come and plant plants and then go back home cheery mood but when he explained the whole process, the pre-prep involved in this, I was amazed! How much effort is required just to perform a simple plantation thing! Big ones, I came to realize.

And then during the discussion it came along how some of the people get too judgemental to look at facts and basics and this inevitably creates an unpleasant stir all around. It's really difficult to acknowledge others' efforts just by sitting at home but I don't think anyone should raise hands to criticize in the first go. If you are confused about a fact then ask questions first and then come up with an apt decision. Still not satisfied? Ask again but be patient and tolerant. It's our society, a bigger home outside our little home. Even our country's PM can not solve each and every issue addressed by the public. But since such conflicts happen almost everywhere, it seems no big deal. Most of them will be resolved soon in the future. But the time, efforts and energy such problems take to solve is something to ponder about, because they cannot be gained again.

So before you go judgemental on anyone, take a step back and think whether the problem can be solved in a calmer way. This will help to grow the discussion in a healthier manner. At the end, issue might get resolved but words and actions will always be remembered.

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