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Similarly different.

Then explain what 'life' is?

Ask before you go judgemental.

This evening I spent time with the President of my society regarding an issue. He is a very jovial, good natured and an extremely friendly man. He listens patiently and then responds accordingly. So I already knew my issue was going to be address in a very calm and precise manner.

I went and addressed him as Mr. President to which he laughed. I said:

'Mr. President! I have come with a society issue and I must discuss this with you right now.'

He finished his phone call and listened and then assured me the issue will addressed very promptly. I was satisfied. And then we started discussing on other issues and then I came to know how many issues are there for him and his association members to address on the daily basis. Tomorrow is a very important planting ceremony in our society. This is to make earth go more green as well as to encourage kids about the environment. For a normal resident like me, I thought it's an easy peasy task. We will just have to come and plant plant…

The twinkling of hope.

I was on the terrace this evening after long time. It was almost six. I thought to carry along my Kindle but thought the better of it. It was already getting dark and reading in the dark means having company of the bunch of mosquitoes. So I went up alone, just to ponder over a few things.

I don't know why but since many days, there were no stars in the sky. The moon appears for its usual appointment but no stars could be seen. A sky with no stars somehow perplexes me, I don't like the sky without stars. But when I went up this eve, I saw one, a tiny but bright one twinkling into the vastness of sky. The moon was almost half full and hung proudly making its present quite vividly felt but that star made its presence felt too, despite of its small size.

I was submerged in a few thoughts when I looked up only to find that star and it brought a smile on my face. I stared at it wholeheartedly and felt the perseverance in the virtue of its nature regardless of its only…

The sad story of a writer's life.

Past few days passed in a blur and tomorrow too feels to be treading the same path. It is good to be busy. Writing is a wonderful job but I must also add, a little tricky to understand as well. Thereby, I am here today to confess one thing. Being a writer is not an easy job. Not because writing is challenging. It hell is but because...people don't get it at first. They take time to understand that being an author/writer can be a job and in fact, one of the toughest jobs. Such people make me smile. Some I desperately wish to kill as they keep annoying with the same Q. over and over again.

Anyways, it still happens. If someone asks me, 'What do you do? Are you in any job or a housewife?' I smile and say, 'Yes. I am a writer,' and then they nod at me in silence but their expressions reveal what's going on in their heart. They stand as if I have spoken in an ancient language. They get confused and I bet they get desperate to bowl another Q. right away as: 'On…

Steve Jobs' Last Words of Wisdom

Today I stumbled upon legendary Steve' Jobs' last words. They are full of truth and wisdom, as he must have collected through out his life span. An amazing hard worker, inspiration and a symbol of era in himself, let's cherish his last thoughts:

I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world.

In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success.

However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.

At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death.

In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life supporting machines and hear the humming mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of god of death drawing closer…

Now I know, when we have accumulated sufficient wealth to last our lifetime, we should pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth…


Coelho and his soulful writing.

When something keeps putting you under its spell, you know the magic is working well. The same goes with writing and when it comes to writing, Coelho is the best magician I can anytime bet.

My current circle-of-hypnotism is Brida. It's about a girl named Brida who wants to learn magic. She goes to the Magus who in turn instantly realizes she is his Soul Mate but refrains to tell her. The book is largely 'bout magic, learning Traditions of the Sun and the Moon, witches, cathedrals, previous lives and more. I have only finished ~32% of it. So there is naturally much more in the stock to mesmerize upon.

Whenever I read Coelho, I feel so real, so original. He gives invisible wings to his readers while keeping their toes perfectly on the ground; he lets the reader enjoy the two worlds, two supreme powers at once. Such as Brida, his other novels, be it The Zahir or Adultery, deserve a complete seclusion from the world. You just can't read him between a chaos or routine noise. H…

Indira Nooyi on the Coping Mechanism.

The lesson from a li'l finger cut.

There is this thing 'bout writing, if you happen to be in love with it. One moment you are on the bed starin' at the ceiling thinking 'bout the latest song you have learned on the Guitar in the evening and how generous the teacher was to praise you for playing another one perfectly and then the next, the writer bug appears out of nowhere and stings you so softly that you become helpless, give up on the search over yet-to-be-sought sleep and get anxious to write s'thing up. So I (im)patiently waited for my hubby to get deep into blissful sleep, sneaked out and now feeling like happy-go-lucky soul with the world sleeping in my neighborhood. 
Just yesterday I was in my kitchen during wee hours, all groggy and desperate to shoo away the hovering sleep. Purpose? I was there to make meals intended to give away to my kid and husband for the day. I picked a lemon and started slicing it but completely failed to notice it had hardened over last few days. I was a bit stressed si…

Friday fun with Grisham.

'At some point in life, everybody thinks about walking away. Life's always better on the beach or in the mountains. Problems can be left behind. It's inbred in us.' - The Partner

A day can be turned beautiful if you have right book in hands written by the author you already love. It's Friday and the day turned special with The Partner by John Grisham. When I read its last page on my Kindle, I was taken aback! The story of Patrick Lanigan has already pulled my attention enough but it was The end that got my senses mutilated and dumb for a full minute. That means it took some time to understand the kind of end Grisham has not spoke about directly. And then the whole day (still going on) kept illuminating. Because I loved the novel! The speed with which it's written between the slides of truth and deceit, I enjoyed each one of them. 

You can say that some writers have that radioactive effect in their writing style that keep the reader illuminating even when …