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What is PINK? And BLUE?

(P.S. It's eleven at night and I feel like cooking Maggi but I refrain, waiting for the hunger to become its own complimentary.)

There is this news that my husband told me a few hours ago. He did not mention the place and other details but said this:

'A teenage girl had a fight with her mother and then she left the house, thinking to live independently somewhere away. She took a train to some place where two auto-rickshaw drivers cajoled and consoled her aching soul and promised her to get a job and good life. She agreed.'

The moment I heard that she had accepted the offer, I knew what was coming next nevertheless let my husband complete himself.

'46 days!! They kept doing it with her for 46 days!!'

In spite of knowing the upcoming my mouth fell open. Every time a girl is being handled in an unacceptable way, it never ceases to stun me.

A movie has also been released a few weeks ago titled PINK. It's a very powerful creation. I haven't watched it but intend to do it some time. Initially and like many, I took the title as in girls' favorite color because the movie is based on crime against women. But later upon reading an article (click to read), I came to know what PINK actually means and that stunned me too. Here is the definition, in case you get curious. I am using it from the article:

'Slang – the various urban dictionaries online define “pink” as a reference to forced and often cruel or threat-based occupation of a vagina by an unwelcome penis.'


'Pink in common street slang in so many countries means vagina of the sort that is bought, with violence. '

I was talking to my father regarding this movie as he is keen to watch it. I asked him if he knew why the movie has such a name and he as well, like me and many, said because it's girls' color and the movie is based on crimes against them. I smiled and said, no. PINK means something different but I cannot tell you. It's bit of an intimate definition. You better go on the internet and read it yourself. 

I guess a little awareness can create a stir as well as give a justified explanation to Shoojit's smart choice of the title.

I will not blabber here about humanity, thoughtfulness, respect for women and all that stuff. Such incidents and movies surely provoke these sentiments but let's save it for some other time. I have anyway talked about it on my blog on a few occasions earlier.
But I sure wonder whether a term such as BLUE exists anywhere? And if it does then what it might be meaning? So I looked up and found it. Much against the way PINK has been designed, BLUE has somewhat plain meaning:

Apart from being a color, feeling (such as Monday blues), a slang word for 30 mg ofoxcodone release pills/1 mg xanax pills, metrial used by a stand up comedian considered as rude/obscene, BLUE stands for Sadness. (Courtesy: Urban Dictionary)

And why it wouldn't be? If sick minds don't get some PINK, they will get some BLUE. Something to receive at each end. A very clever but also pathetic way to put a meaning to both the pretty words. 

P.S. The post has been written with no intention to hurt anyone. It's based on my personal view as I got some BLUE after listening to the aforementioned girl's incident where two men got some PINK.


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