Saturday, 8 October 2016

Until I happily die!

A million things to say, a zillion thoughts to listen
A warm hug to embrace, a soft laughter to trickle;
A hundred books to read, a thousand books to write
Let's keep talking, until I happily die!

An abundance of silence, no dearth of human patience
Countless empty stares to cherish, and a sigh to the end;
Endless paths for the mind to roam, with a destined naught
Let's keep breathing, until I am free and brought!

Flowing days, sliding nights,
Shiny moon blessed with warm skies,
Stars to look at and the sun to enjoy life,
Let's keep living, until death gives me a high-five!

A bucket of memories, with li'l sprinkles of smiles
An unwritten book of expectations, the invisible ink to inscribe;
The magic of present, with the crux of incredible life
Let's keep looking, until I have nothing to hide!

               -by Priyanka Baranwal

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