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The slowest jog.

Today I had the slowest jog of my life.

This morning when I sat down to work, suddenly there was a change of constellations in the universe and I could not concentrate anymore. My legs started to itch and decided to ditch the four walls of comfort and roam somewhere, anywhere. For an aimless outing. I put on jeans t-shirt with my favorite denim jacket and crossed little bag, donned the goggle and revved the car engine. Somehow doing something unexpected pulled me into a hypnotic state and I was out in as less as fifteen minutes.

Since there is no big fancy mall around my house (but soon there will be), I decided to explore the locals. After parking the car, I headed for the direction that asked nothing but a long trip to walk. Since the time has changed on the name of ease and comfort, people hardly use legs to cover distances. Bikes, cars etc. have squeezed life into the click of fingers. Having a long walk felt really good. It was 10.30 and I just kept walking. After some time, legs felt a little discomfort but stopping wasn't the solution. I kept going on and on. Then I noticed a lot of things. The shops and residential units that I had seen mostly from inside the car actually belong to this world. Passing them by taught me that 'Okay! This road connects here.' or 'So this is the shop from where we have bought our bathroom accessories'. My compass needle improved by the means of direction. I was satisfied. After around 30 minutes I decided to head into another direction.

This time, the direction was lined with verity of shops and restaurants. I looked upon some furniture shops and entered inside to inquire about this and that. Nothing really special. Then I entered into some apparels shops with a careless remark, 'Just browsing'. I anyway had a plenty of time to kill. In one of the furniture shops while talking to its owner, I realized he belonged to North. I was glad and got into a little chit chat with him. He was Muslim and friendly. I talked about a little more bit and then left. Usually shopping lifts my mood up but today I did not purchase a single item. I just walked and looked upon things and browsed and nodded. At near 12, I was standing by a coconut water seller. After one coconut, I felt the need for one more but I was skeptical of the nature's call but to hell with it! I went for another one. I missed my mother that time. She loves coconut water! After two, I was relaxed and then continued with my jaunt. 

Till that time I had already noticed so many new things. It made me feel more familiar to my area, more comfort. And I was careful enough while taking a new turn each time. I had to remember the direction I had emerged from. After around twenty minutes, I felt the need to sit and a spot on the pedestrian street turned into the grand seating. I sat there, on the side of road, watching the world go by. In front of me was an interior shop, a pathology shop where I had been last year for my husband's report, an internet cafe may be and parked cars. I was immersed in enjoying the quietness when five college girls came over and handed me a pamphlet. They are organizing food stalls in their college tomorrow and the paper in my hands was the invitation for the same. I talked to them for five minutes. It was good. I even laughed with them. Then they went away. And suddenly I missed a company who could sit with me like this on the road side on the pedestrian walk and watch the world go by. Till this point I was enjoying the seclusion but now I was missing someone to talk to and laugh with and share my views and all that. My bestie is in U.S. I missed her. 

I brushed the feeling away and then got up. Enough watching the world move around. Now was the time for me to get a part of it again. I roamed here and there and while returning, that coconut seller turned into my landmark for the original direction. I took it and somewhere along the way and much to my surprise, I found a little shop where a guy was skilled in applying Mehendi/Henna. I was pleased. In fact, I got a sample of his talent on my left hand just for 100 bucks. It is Arabic mehendi but the best design I have seen so far. My hand looks really nice. 

It was now 1.20, time to head back home. I wandered again here and there, waiting for the henna to dry up and at 1.45, I was inside my car, cooling down in air conditioner. The weather was a bit hot. 

Has it ever happened to you: You are about to cross a road when a vehicle stops just near you and then you both stop, expecting the other to go by? It happened with me today. Twice. I waited for the vehicle to move while it waited for me. It was amusing as always. I saw female dummies outside shops wearing b'ful sarees, salwar-kameez, jeans-t shirts, night suits. They looked happy. I smiled at them. I found the bakery shop from where we had ordered our kid's birthday cake this year. I wanted to buy a couple of baggy t-shirts for myself. I even found them on a shop but did not buy. You know why? Because I was 'Just browsing'. :)

Back at home, I changed and fell onto bed like an uprooted tree. I was tired. Slept for an hour. Had a weird dream I believe. 

So this was my day today, totally unexpected and caught into surprises. I may be wanted to drift away from myself I guess. It was an escape from the inner side. At some points, it is needed I think. While walking, I was thinking about those people who walk on roads with an aim and unfortunately meet into accidents and then there are people like me, walking aimlessly and still get back safe and in one piece.


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