Thursday, 27 October 2016

No steel bridge in the city!

When the world goes to sleep, a writer's heart slowly new ideas, adventures and to a place where no one exists except the writer.

I am looking at the moon hung out of my window on the wall of sky. Stars too are there, a few ones but they are there. May be they are the friends of moon, not ready to leave him alone in the play ground. And that can be one of the purest examples of friendship: to stay as well as to never let go.

Anyway, this morning when I was watching news, I got to know about the steel bridge the government wants to make in the city. And not only wants to but it is desperate! Two things:

  • Just to save 7 minutes out of the traffic jam, ~1800 cr. INR will be the expenditure, and
  • Around 800 trees will sacrifice themselves to pave way for VVIPs. 

And I thought our government was brainy and sensitive!

Clearly, this project is unhealthy! So I am also as much against the creation of such ultra-expensive nature-killing project as much the rest of Bangalore junta. And why steel? It will get hot during summers and will also slurp more money. Truly speaking, this steel bridge project should be abandoned and a skilled plan for a better transport must be introduced instead. Four people on four bikes can accommodate into a car or more buses and cabs can be introduced. More option are there that can turn our beloved city more beautiful and pollution free.

Anything but this steel bridge.

Thousands of people have signed the petition to prevent the project. I am also thinking to find the website and file my own. This post is also a contribution to the ongoing protest. Because I genuinely believe that the steel bridge will do much harm to our city and its people than to provide some comfort. And when something hogs more than it gives, well, I don't need to tell what one should do.

Stop it!

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