Friday, 28 October 2016

Memories make you good, just like love.

There is an old movie made in 1998 named Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha starring Kajol and Ajay Devgan. The movie is the remake of French Kiss. There is this dialogue in the movie delivered by a police inspector (enacted by legendary Om Puri) that is still fresh in my mind:

हर इंसान को ज़िन्दगी में एक बार प्यार ज़रूर करना चाहिए।  ये उसे अच्छा  बना देता है।

Which, if translated in English, will come as:

Every person should fall in love at least once in life. It makes him good!

Makes sense, right? Yes. Love makes you good. It gently pushes you to do good deeds as well as reminds to not to do anything that can hurt your beloved. After all, the heart matters!

Since that time, I too believed love is the only thing that makes you good, makes you feel angelic. But today...another thing got listed -  Memories. Well, I didn't know there was a list!

Let's go for a roller coaster ride and let me explain you this there. Buckle up, brace yourself and here we go...

Just like love, memories are good and bad both. If love makes you feel good, good memories do the same job. Love also bows you to do some bad stuff and so do the memories. Unlike our ziggy-zaggy ride, let me get to the motto of this pep-talk straight in one sentence:

Memories makes you good.

Sometimes when the moment is overwhelming and it becomes tough to catch its wings and make it stop fluttering the heart, you simply let it overcome your senses. And if the moment happens to be filled with some good memories, well then, at some point, much against your will, you suddenly feel good. Even if the connecting threads are not so charming yet you divulge because...those are some good memories and doesn't matter what happened next, they make you feel good. You become good momentarily.

I know. My talk here has more ups and downs than the roller coaster and your eye balls are about to pop out just to extract the meaning. It's confusing, I understand this too. It's kind of hard to explain.

Hope you can relate to this: Sometimes good memories get burdened with bad ones. Given the human nature, bad things overlap quickly. So you involuntarily remember bad stuff prominently but one day, all of a sudden (much as we are on this heavenly ride), a miraculous moment catches you and then those bad memories get faded by good ones. You just remember age old good memories with no trace of bad times at all. And then starts the land slide. One after the other, once distant happy memories start to pour down in drops and you sip all in a positive manner. These little out-of-the-blue drops are making your mind healthy, giving the soul a nourishment and the heart a sense of rare peace. There might be tears rolling down the cheeks and a faint smile slowly illuminating your face but you feel good. Those good memories turn you from a sad soul to a happy one.

I see you are nodding at me. Is it because you understood me now completely or because the ride is coming to an end? Your eyes got widened at the former guess while you shook the head vehemently at the latter one. Sigh! You didn't get me. All you are happy about is getting off this ride. Now you are smiling. At least, someone understood the other here. Alright! Be happy as much as you want. I will buy one ice-cream for you when we get down. But you will have to again listen to me talk.

Now given the scenario, let me come out of our seat with this dialogue of my own:

हर  इंसान को अच्छी यादें ज़रूर बनानी चाहिए।  ये उसे अच्छा बना देतीं है।

In English: Everyone must make some good memories. They make him good.

Hey! That ice-cream looks expensive. Don't go there! I don't have enough cash. Stop! Now I am chasing you. :)

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