Thursday, 20 October 2016

Coins to make you rich!

Blogging has become a bit of on and off thing for me lately. Not that I have lost my focus on writing. Instead, I have gained on it. It's just I have been riding back and forth with some unexpected things lately. That's all. But I assume myself to be more regular here from now. Wish me luck!

In recent times, I went through an interesting experience over the span of a week; a week where learning came along as well as I was relieved of a certain kind of issue. If we talk about the first bit, the learning, I got to share a few coins that can possibly make you rich as well:

  • Be with people who actually love you. You will feel heavenly.
  • Always always and always have your ground. No matter how much weird or nonsensical  your belief looks to others, have confidence in you!
  • Never lose focus! Take valuable souvenirs from the past and decorate a better future. Or at least, try it.
  • And the most important: Learn to be alone. Accept it that one day, if no one is with you, loneliness will be just fine. Do not break over it. Do not sweat over it. But do the preparation from today. Inhale and accept the possibility.

Over the last few days, I also got rid of a certain kind of fear. And I never felt freer this way! I just had to keep my head light, not to stress 'bout the issue much and say it the way things have bygone. And that did the job. So let go of the fear that burdens your soul, eats you from inside and that never allows you to breathe in its presence. After all, we live in a country that owned freedom by integrity, courage and precise thinking.


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.