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The reflection of lights.

Since it's officially past twelve, Happy Diwali! The day went by in a blur and finally after four consecutive days of swipe, dusting and cleaning, everything looks sparkly clean. It is as if my house is dancing with joy and content because of cleaned shelves, organized wardrobes, fresh crisp curtains, new bed sheets, aromatic candles etc. Not only my house but I am too feeling good.

Settled now on my dining table for writing a blog post, the time seemed to have come to a halt unlike the speed it sprinted during the day with! But it feels nice and soothing, this time of night. The fragrance of those candles is still floating in the air. Some houses outside still are flickering with colorful lights. World is asleep yet it feels as if it can burst into a celebration any minute. Such is the ambiance of Diwali. Its magic hardly ends.

Having said that, isn't it healthy to hold onto a few things sometimes? Like Diwali. It brings lights. A glowing Diya can enlighten any face. Like th…

Memories make you good, just like love.

There is an old movie made in 1998 named Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha starring Kajol and Ajay Devgan. The movie is the remake of French Kiss. There is this dialogue in the movie delivered by a police inspector (enacted by legendary Om Puri) that is still fresh in my mind:
हर इंसान को ज़िन्दगी में एक बार प्यार ज़रूर करना चाहिए।  ये उसे अच्छा  बना देता है।
Which, if translated in English, will come as:
Every person should fall in love at least once in life. It makes him good!
Makes sense, right? Yes. Love makes you good. It gently pushes you to do good deeds as well as reminds to not to do anything that can hurt your beloved. After all, the heart matters!
Since that time, I too believed love is the only thing that makes you good, makes you feel angelic. But today...another thing got listed -  Memories. Well, I didn't know there was a list!
Let's go for a roller coaster ride and let me explain you this there. Buckle up, brace yourself and here we go...

No steel bridge in the city!

When the world goes to sleep, a writer's heart slowly new ideas, adventures and to a place where no one exists except the writer.

I am looking at the moon hung out of my window on the wall of sky. Stars too are there, a few ones but they are there. May be they are the friends of moon, not ready to leave him alone in the play ground. And that can be one of the purest examples of friendship: to stay as well as to never let go.

Anyway, this morning when I was watching news, I got to know about the steel bridge the government wants to make in the city. And not only wants to but it is desperate! Two things:

Just to save 7 minutes out of the traffic jam, ~1800 cr. INR will be the expenditure, andAround 800 trees will sacrifice themselves to pave way for VVIPs. 
And I thought our government was brainy and sensitive!

Clearly, this project is unhealthy! So I am also as much against the creation of such ultra-expensive nature-killing project as much the rest of Bangalore junta. …

What is PINK? And BLUE?

(P.S. It's eleven at night and I feel like cooking Maggi but I refrain, waiting for the hunger to become its own complimentary.)

There is this news that my husband told me a few hours ago. He did not mention the place and other details but said this:

'A teenage girl had a fight with her mother and then she left the house, thinking to live independently somewhere away. She took a train to some place where two auto-rickshaw drivers cajoled and consoled her aching soul and promised her to get a job and good life. She agreed.'

The moment I heard that she had accepted the offer, I knew what was coming next nevertheless let my husband complete himself.

'46 days!! They kept doing it with her for 46 days!!'

In spite of knowing the upcoming my mouth fell open. Every time a girl is being handled in an unacceptable way, it never ceases to stun me.

A movie has also been released a few weeks ago titled PINK. It's a very powerful creation. I haven't watched it but inten…

Walk alone, but have a good pair of shoes.

The slowest jog.

Today I had the slowest jog of my life.
This morning when I sat down to work, suddenly there was a change of constellations in the universe and I could not concentrate anymore. My legs started to itch and decided to ditch the four walls of comfort and roam somewhere, anywhere. For an aimless outing. I put on jeans t-shirt with my favorite denim jacket and crossed little bag, donned the goggle and revved the car engine. Somehow doing something unexpected pulled me into a hypnotic state and I was out in as less as fifteen minutes.
Since there is no big fancy mall around my house (but soon there will be), I decided to explore the locals. After parking the car, I headed for the direction that asked nothing but a long trip to walk. Since the time has changed on the name of ease and comfort, people hardly use legs to cover distances. Bikes, cars etc. have squeezed life into the click of fingers. Having a long walk felt really good. It was 10.30 and I just kept walking. After some time, leg…

Coins to make you rich!

Blogging has become a bit of on and off thing for me lately. Not that I have lost my focus on writing. Instead, I have gained on it. It's just I have been riding back and forth with some unexpected things lately. That's all. But I assume myself to be more regular here from now. Wish me luck!

In recent times, I went through an interesting experience over the span of a week; a week where learning came along as well as I was relieved of a certain kind of issue. If we talk about the first bit, the learning, I got to share a few coins that can possibly make you rich as well:

Be with people who actually love you. You will feel heavenly.Always always and always have your ground. No matter how much weird or nonsensical  your belief looks to others, have confidence in you!Never lose focus! Take valuable souvenirs from the past and decorate a better future. Or at least, try it.And the most important: Learn to be alone. Accept it that one day, if no one is with you, loneliness will be ju…

A Minute of Struggle.

How many darts could one pull over the board of a tiny heart? Step back for a minute let it breathe,  let it stay alive for a li'l while;
Each face has a story to tell something to hide, s'thing to expel Pause for a minute read the unwritten let it speak and unwind; 
Not that life has a meaning on each turn some are lost, some are gravely defined Stop for a minute look at the roads let it walk down to an unseen aisle.

Until I happily die!

A million things to say, a zillion thoughts to listen A warm hug to embrace, a soft laughter to trickle; A hundred books to read, a thousand books to write Let's keep talking, until I happily die!
An abundance of silence, no dearth of human patience Countless empty stares to cherish, and a sigh to the end; Endless paths for the mind to roam, with a destined naught Let's keep breathing, until I am free and brought!
Flowing days, sliding nights, Shiny moon blessed with warm skies, Stars to look at and the sun to enjoy life, Let's keep living, until death gives me a high-five!
A bucket of memories, with li'l sprinkles of smiles An unwritten book of expectations, the invisible ink to inscribe; The magic of present, with the crux of incredible life Let's keep looking, until I have nothing to hide!
               -by Priyanka Baranwal