Friday, 2 September 2016

The Intern, a movie.

Today I watched a movie, The Intern, in the morning slot. Kid is having holidays. We were settled on the sofa and he had laid out Chess when I stumbled on the movie. The movie is very nice actually. I enjoyed it, somehow doing my best to make my pawns and soldiers and the queen to jump here and there on the black and white board just to save the most precious one, the king. 

Anna Hathaway is the lead character and runs a company. Her husband is stay-at-home dad and takes care of their little daughter. The movie moves around how Anna is busy in maintaining work-life balance. Robert De Niro, the one she has recruited as an intern, does all sort of odd jobs for her. He is her chauffeur, friend, advisor, her daughter's friend, 2 Am buddy and above all, he is forty two or something. Yes. He is Old. But the way he handles Anna and the complications of her life is appeasing. He watches her struggling with chores and sleep and food everyday and does his best to help her through, minding his intern position of course. I don't know why he is intern at this age because I had missed the some of the initial portions of the starting but rest is interesting. Worth a one time watch.

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