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The God I believe in.

Right now I feel so sleepy but can't hit the shack. Maid is about to knock in a few minutes and I'd rather get my house cleaned than to have a nap (which, of course, can be done later).

I look at the ceiling and find the fan running. Then I look at the tube light. It is lit. I turn my attention to their power source: the switchboard. One source with several connections. One. And that's what seeds an idea and still germinating into a fully grown thought. We are all scattered and distributed, in abundance and in sparse; in a dot and in a complete sentence; over the ground and under the sky. Moving, talking, smiling...we all are somehow interconnected to the other. The lost energy is channelized and finally found into something constructive; broken is healed somewhere; tear turns into a smile somewhere; unsaid gets spoken and pure hatred evolves ecstatic love out there. Don't you think it is all linked? That we are a part of big humongous family even though we walk as strangers? This world is actually a big family and the sky is our protector? And we live, walk, work under the same roof, over the same ground?

But if we all are connected then there must be a switch board as a unit of source? There must be a tip to these millions of people binding them together and keeping side by side. They say, it is God. That it is He who binds us all and prompts us according to his plans. I don't know about it much because I am a no-believer in god. Yeah, I am a bit different. I am an atheist. For me, it is not the faces and the royal presentation of what you call God but it is Human Beings and our Karma that I firmly believe in. It is Nature (trees, sky, birds, and anything naturally existing and growing) that I find my god in. Because I can see a seed planted, germinating and then finally growing into a tall symbolic structure that provides nurture, hope, and the continuation of life. I can see the sky stretched all over my head and your head. It is endless. No one has given birth to it yet it is a Big Daddy protecting all of us from every harsh thing possible. The ground beneath mirrors the infinity of the sky. Our Earth is like a Loving Mother letting each of us have a little piece of stability to walk on. The Sky provides fiction while The Earth gives non-fiction. One lets you dream while the other keeps you connected with the truth. Such balance!

Thus, I see Life in Nature. I see Death in Nature. I see Hope in Nature. I see Perseverance in Nature. The most important in last four things I said is...can you guess? is that I can see. And what you see is what you believe. I haven't seen Lord Shiva or Rama or Goddess Durga or Kali. So I possibly don't have much of a logic to believe in them. I see Nature and I believe in Nature. That's my God...raw & original...LIVE 24/7.

Alongside come Human Beings and Karma. Why do I believe in Human Beings because someone has given me birth, someone has nurtured me into a person that I am today, someone has given me love to grow into a better person and someone has presented me with the hatred that pushes me to do my best. Everyone is flawless yet there is a flaw in everyone. That makes me bow to Human Beings. We are different yet we are all the same. And the thing that keeps all of us on one level is our Karma. What you sow so shall you reap. You do good, you find good. You do bad, you find bad. As simple as that. Not every time the equation is balanced, yes but it is beyond our intellect, way farther than our most fertile imagination to tackle the answer of Why. 

Karma keeps our mind, soul and body intact and in touch. Human Beings assure the survival. Nature makes sure of the balance between the former two. It does not allow conflicts. And that's what I adore most about my Nature, that it can be gentle and rough as long as conflicts are withdrawn. When I need strength, I look out side my window and that's where my god resides: in trees and in sky, in flying birds and moving clouds. Then I pray if I am in need, or express my gratitude for what I have or make a wish, if I have any at the moment. This may all sound a bit silly but it's alright. I am in no mood to convince you at this moment or any other moment. I don't believe in rectifying myself over a selective set of points. But all said and done, Belief is a good thing to possess, whether it is aroused by some shapely idol or scattered nature.

P.S. My maid has come. This means I can have my nap in 30 minutes. Fingers crossed!


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